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Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - July 16, 2019) - Agrios Global Holdings (CSE: AGRO) (OTCQB: AGGHF) (FSE: 0SA) announced that its cannabis tenant "Onyx Agronomics" has substantially reduced their carbon footprint, cutting their energy consumption by 63% and achieving greater yield efficiency by following the growing recommendations made by Agrios.

Through the collection of millions of unique data points from crops over the course of the harvest cycle, on a per cultivar basis, then analyzing this "actionable data", Agrios develops effective strategies for optimizing the growing environment and reducing the use of energy, light, and water.

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On the advice of Agrios, the plant density in the growing space is modified and a substantial increase in flower-to-trim ratio has been observed. A simple modification in plant placement increased crop yield efficiency from a 50.5% versus 49.5% flower-to-trim ratio to an 81% versus 19% flower-to-trim ratio, resulting in a higher volume of premium product, giving the tenant an increased yield efficiency at lowered production costs, thereby increasing profitability.

Andrew Lange, CTO, stated: "Overall production or raw yield doesn't tell the complete story on how a given company is set up to perform financially. There are also several ways to measure crop yield, and some are more effective than others. The most common yield reporting system is grams per square foot so yields at different facilities can be compared based on productivity. The square footage of the facility is calculated using the canopy of the cultivation area, and product weight should be reported as dry and destemmed."

Presently, there are no industry regulations or monitoring of how a yield measurement is calculated amongst commercial operators. There is variance in what is measured as "canopy" space, and product weight could be of an inconsistent product mix.

Lange believes that achieving production and yield efficiency is more important than maximizing raw yield, for several reasons. Large cannabis cultivation facilities have increased operational cost and risk, and while such facilities' raw yield may be greater, their production costs are also higher. Companies such as Agrios, which have developed production efficiencies and consume less energy or are otherwise environmentally friendly, and have a smaller carbon footprint, are also spending less to create more efficient yields.

Andrew Lange presents a detailed explanation of several methods of yield calculation, and the importance of yield efficiency in a June 2019 article for the Cannabis Business Times. The article, entitled "Measuring Yield: Why Efficiency Metrics Are Essential" is available on

Chris Kennedy, President and CEO, added: "We are pleased to validate the benefits of our technology enabled approach to create a sustainable model, enabling cultivators to be competitive, in these current volatile, compressed markets. We have a strong foundation as we focus on our expansion efforts."

Agrios owns, leases and manages properties and equipment for eco-sustainable agronomy and provides advisory services to support all aspects of aeroponic cultivation in the cannabis sector. The company is actively pursuing new opportunities to expand its portfolio of tenant growers and infrastructure assets in strategic licensed jurisdictions.

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