CBD of Denver Announces June Revenue and Successful Exhibition at Mary Jane Trade Fair in Berlin

July 01, 2024 4:30 AM EDT | Source: CBD of Denver Inc.

Denver, Colorado--(Newsfile Corp. - July 1, 2024) - CBD of Denver, Inc. (OTC Pink: CBDD) today announced that revenue for June 2024 is estimated to be approximately $300,000 with the Company completing a successful exhibition at the Mary Jane trade fair in Berlin, which took place from June 14-16.

The Mary Jane Berlin trade fair attracted over 40,000 visitors this year making it one of the largest cannabis exhibitions in the world. Featuring more than 300 exhibitors from around the globe, the event showcased the latest innovations in the cannabis industry, including cutting-edge products, technological advancements, and trends. With Germany's cannabis market evolving rapidly, the fair highlighted the nation's progressive stance and burgeoning opportunities in the sector.

The event also included educational seminars, expert panels, and networking opportunities, reinforcing its status as a pivotal gathering for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. The vibrant atmosphere and significant attendance underscored the growing momentum and enthusiasm surrounding the German cannabis market. Luxora and CBD of Denver were pleased to be able to present CheckMyWeed a handheld NIR spectroscopy solution that allows for the quantification of Cannabinoids, as well as measuring moisture and active water content in Cannabis flower and resin within seconds.

Luxora's CSO, Stefan Röhrl, spoke at a panel highlighting the economic opportunities within the emerging Cannabis Club scene in Germany. Luxora Solutions engaged with a broad range of parties interested in starting cannabis clubs in the country. Clubs can begin their licensing process on July 1. Each federal state in Germany must appoint its own administration to handle this process. So far, out of the 16 federal states, 11 have announced their responsible authorities. The application process can take up to three months, after which cannabis clubs will be able to initiate their grow operations. Consequently, the first legally produced cannabis from these clubs is expected to be available by the end of this year or early next year. Luxora is committed to being a steadfast and supportive partner for these clubs in Germany, providing comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process from start to finish.

The interest in CheckMyWeed's handheld and non-destructive cannabinoid testing solution was overwhelmingly positive. CheckMyWeed conducted an impressive total of over 600 tests on cannabis flowers and resins, providing comprehensive insights into their THC and CBD content during the show.

For THC flower, the results were as follows:

Total samples tested: 517
Highest THC content: 25.8%
Lowest THC content: 5.6%
Average THC content: 16.1%

For THC resin, the results showed:

Total samples tested: 48
Highest THC content: 60.6%
Lowest THC content: 16.3%
Average THC content: 42.6%

In terms of CBD flower, the data revealed:

Total samples tested: 32
Highest CBD content: 20.7%
Lowest CBD content: 3.5%
Average CBD content: 10.3%

For CBD resin, the analysis indicated:

Total samples tested: 7
Highest CBD content: 45.3%
Lowest CBD content: 13.2%
Average CBD content: 26.3%

These statistics not only highlight the variety and potency of cannabis products showcased at the event but also underscore the meticulous efforts of CheckMyWeed to ensure quality and transparency in the evolving German cannabis market.

The company collected more than 50 qualified leads, all of which showed significant interest in purchasing the solution and are currently being followed up on.

Due to the rapidly changing scope of the project, the interview with the Markets Hunter podcast has been postponed until after July 4. The Company will be using the coming weeks to ensure its presentation is clear and transparent.

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