MyIdol Foundation Announces Founder Martin Schranz Everest-Worn Rolex for Educational Charity Auction

June 04, 2024 5:45 AM EDT | Source: Media Feature

Arbon, Switzerland--(Newsfile Corp. - June 4, 2024) - MyIdol Foundation is pleased to announce that Martin Schranz, a Swiss business leader and founder of the MyIdol Foundation, is auctioning a Rolex Explorer II that he wore during his ascent of Mount Everest on May 23, 2024. This watch, bearing the marks of an extraordinary journey, presents a rare opportunity for collectors and philanthropists alike.

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MyIdol Foundation Announces Founder Martin Schranz Everest-Worn Rolex for Educational Charity Auction

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A Historic Ascent on Everest's North Side

Being among the first foreigners to climb Everest from the north side after a five-year break is a significant achievement. This route is known for its challenging conditions and requires climbers to be self-reliant, as helicopter rescues are not available. The north side climb also includes traversing the Rongbuk Glacier and ascending steep, icy slopes that test even the most seasoned climbers.

Schranz's climb, guided by Furtenbach Adventures' highly experienced Sherpa team, made their climb even more remarkable. Led by Lukas Furtenbach and his , they ensured a safe and well-supported expedition.

The journey started at the North Base Camp, situated at 17,000 feet near the Rongbuk Monastery, the highest monastery in the world. From there, Schranz and his team made their way up to higher camps, meticulously acclimatizing to the altitude. Their path took them up the steep, rocky ridges and across expansive snowfields, culminating in a final push to the summit. The ascent involved traversing the "Sidewalk," a treacherous path at 8,000 meters, and required careful acclimatization at camps located at extreme altitudes. Throughout the climb, they left only footprints in the snow, ensuring that their expedition had a minimal environmental impact.

The Auction and Its Purpose

Schranz aims to raise $50,000 from the auction, with all proceeds going to the MyIdol Foundation. This foundation, which he founded, focuses on building and maintaining schools in Nepal. By providing educational opportunities in remote areas, the MyIdol Foundation is working to break the cycle of poverty and create lasting positive impacts on these communities.

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Martin Schranz with school children during one of his earlier visits to Nepal, supporting educational projects through the MyIdol Foundation.

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The Unique Provenance of the Watch

The Rolex Explorer II, known for its reliability in extreme conditions, was carefully chosen by Schranz for its historical significance. The original Rolex Explorer was famously worn by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay during their first successful ascent of Mount Everest in 1953. This legendary climb set a precedent for durability and excellence under harsh conditions, making the Rolex Explorer a symbol of high-altitude exploration.

Inspired by this legacy, Schranz selected the Explorer II for his own ascent to honor the spirit of those early pioneers. His journey took him up the north side of Everest, a route that had been closed to foreign climbers for five years. This path, which avoids the overcrowded southern approach from Nepal, provided a quieter and more solitary ascent. Climbing from the north side also involves navigating the formidable North Face of Everest, a route first attempted by British teams in the 1920s.

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Martin Schranz holds the Rolex Explorer II at the summit of Mount Everest, preparing to auction it for the MyIdol Foundation.

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The Broader Impact

The auction of this Rolex is not just about acquiring a valuable timepiece with a unique history. It highlights the potential for luxury collectibles to support noble causes. By channeling the proceeds into educational projects, Schranz demonstrates how business leaders can leverage their achievements to foster social good. This initiative also brings attention to the critical issue of education in Nepal, where many children still lack access to proper schooling.


Martin Schranz's auction of his Everest-worn Rolex Explorer II offers a compelling blend of adventure and philanthropy. It provides an opportunity for collectors to own a piece of history while making a significant contribution to the education of children in Nepal. This endeavor sets a precedent for how personal achievements and business acumen can be harnessed for humanitarian efforts, creating a lasting impact on communities in need.

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