Experience the Illicit Romance of 19th-Century with B.D. Anderson's "Forbidden Desires"

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New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - May 17, 2024) - The language, customs, and romance of the 19th century are some scintillating features that B.D. Anderson wants to share with readers who love to explore the rigid and formal patterns of that particular historic era. Anderson is pleased to announce her flawless and historic book, "Forbidden Desires", which is based on a romantic plot, but has two different levels of society portrayed by two amazing characters, Stephen Harding and Allegra Seymour.

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Forbidden Desires

In this passionate journey of love by B.D. Anderson, readers will explore two diverse settings in a society; one is for the working people, and the other is for the rich British upper class. Reflecting on the enchanting world of the 19th century, Anderson wants to highlight how Britain used to be for the wealthy English people as well as for the ordinary people of that era. The story revolves around the Marquess of Rye, Stephen Harding, and a talented Cello player, Allegra Seymour. As per their destinies, they come across each other in a very casual meeting, and Stephen is caught up the moment when he first encounters Allegra at an entertainment musicale at his old home.

"Forbidden Desires" is a perfect blend of fictional and historic characters with the multicultural and interracial features of the society, mainly in 19th century England. Stephen and Allegra's historic romance begins when they first see each other, but Stephen, knowing that she is not a suitable partner, is determined to have her in his life as his mistress. Allegra Seymour is not just from the working class, but also Black. Eventually, he falls in love with Allegra despite a major cultural and racial differences between them. Allegra, on the other hand, is a fully dedicated and committed Cello player, who doesn't only have a dream to become a famous Cello player, but she is also very loyal to her parents whom she realizes had done a lot for her. Allegra's family had traveled all the way from the United States to live a better life in England, far away from the harsh life they had known in America. Once Stephen shows his feelings to Allegra, she immediately feels some sort of emotions in her heart for him. However, she knows that she is going against her values and social expectations of her family, but despite Stephen's lustrous intentions, Allegra entangles herself between her dreams of performing for the Queen, and her growing feelings for Stephen.

Extreme divergent backgrounds, societal norms, and discrimination are the major obstacles between Allegra and Stephen. B.D. Anderson storytelling is so classic like a historic time that gives a realistic feel from start to finish. Defying all odds, Stephen and Allegra are on the path to follow their forbidden love for each other. Nevertheless, it does not mean that Allegra is not aware of her self-worth; she knows her worth and is also aware of how to stand up for herself, regardless of the rigidity of that particular era for Black people.

As Anderson portrays, the rich and the common people treat the Negro family with respect in Great Britain, which is very fascinating to read. Despite such respect, there is still a line of privileges, different races, financial statuses, and social pressures between Allegra and Stephen. Alongside this respectable gesture by the upper class towards Negro families, this novel also tells its contrast with the American customs of harsh treatment and forced labor towards Black people. While turning each page, readers will feel the conversations between the main and supporting characters and how this book fits well in the area it was written for by B.D. Anderson. Allegra's ability to see beyond her emotions is the most admirable characteristic of her personality because women always have so much more to lose with their choices, while men remain unscathed concerning their preferences.

B.D. Anderson comes up as a very promising writer in the category of highlighting historical romance, making "Forbidden Desires" a fantastic read for all the fans of interracial romance. The author also creates suspense at some points where readers are forced to think that Allegra would be vilified and subsequently cast out if her love story with Stephen Harding does not go as per the plan. Nonetheless, readers will get a lovable shock when they see the unexpected twists and turns in the lives of Allegra and Stephen.

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About the Author

B.D. Anderson (Brenda Diane) is a very aspiring writer who loves to write romances while targeting multiracial romance. As an Associate Minister in her Church, Brenda is very close to underlying Christian themes; She always adds a touch of romance in her books with a touch of Christianity. She has commenced a number of novels to fulfill her wish to be a great writer. "Forbidden Desires" is her first ever-Victorian romance.

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