Innovation Zero Awards and Duamentes Announce Climate Innovation Research Report Available

May 01, 2024 3:00 AM EDT | Source: PRNews OU

London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - May 1, 2024) - Innovation Zero Awards and Duamentes Global Alliance announce research report (Addressing the Primary Challenge in Climate Innovation Adoption • Duamentes) is now available, featuring insights from over 100 Climate Tech innovators and corporate buyers. The study examines how corporations are implementing climate innovations, identifying key motivators and barriers, and exploring how to foster the implementation of Climate Tech within the global corporate landscape.

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According to the report, 85% of corporates agree that there is a significant increase in focus on corporate Climate Tech, driven by enhanced government regulations, growing social pressure, and the rise of internal Climate Tech KPIs within corporations. "The gap between climate innovators and corporate buyers is the biggest obstacle to adopting innovations. We aim to overcome these barriers and foster the implementation of climate tech innovations," said Nastasya Savina, Director of Innovation Zero Awards & Showcase. The report states startups are not the default suppliers for corporates in Climate Tech: most of the corporations have only up to 10% share of startups among all sustainable suppliers, and over half of corporations have more complex requirements for startups vs mature companies. Currently, the primary reason why corporations collaborate with startups is to pioneer innovations (42%), and the main barrier is identifying the 'right startups.' Research indicates that from the initial search to the first deal, startups may make up to 18 attempts over a period extending up to 2 years. While networking is considered one of the most popular methods for connection (64%), it remains an unclear and unstructured process. Startups say that corporates often have long and bureaucratic decision-making chains with a lack of a standardised procurement process (77%). The study highlighted that 88% of corporates believe that a discovery platform would aid in uncovering the latest sustainable solutions, while 80% of startups are eager to cooperate with corporations more efficiently and promote their innovations through such a platform. "Our aim is to empower those making a positive impact with valuable insights. We are honoured to support the Innovation Zero Award, which seeks to connect innovators in Climate Tech with corporations, fostering collaboration for a better future," Ksenia Sternina, Managing Partner, Duamentes.

About the Research
The research "Addressing the Primary Challenge in Climate Innovation Adoption" conducted by Innovation Zero Awards and Duamentes Global Alliance explored how corporations adopt climate innovations, offering insights to foster its implementation across the global corporate landscape. The research was divided into two parts: 10 in-depth interviews and a survey with ESG leaders from corporations and startup founders in the Climate Tech, featuring 100 participants in March-April 2024.

About Innovation Zero Awards: Aimed to bridge climate innovators, investors, and corporations, the Innovation Zero Award spotlights innovative, low carbon technologies developed in the past six years to address climate change.  

About Duamentes: Headquartered in the UK, Duamentes Global Growth & Strategy Alliance harnesses market insights, propels sustainable scaling, and boosts revenue streams. 

Contact: Ksenia Sternina, Managing Partner at Duamentes Global Alliance,

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