Innovate Change Announces Proactive Removal of Non-Compliant Online Casinos to Uphold Trust and Safety Standards

April 30, 2024 12:42 PM EDT | Source: PRNews OU

Auckland, New Zealand--(Newsfile Corp. - April 30, 2024) - In its ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and integrity within the online gaming industry, Innovate Change, a leading New Zealand company at the forefront of integrating gaming, sports analytics, and entertainment content, today announced the proactive removal of several online casinos from its top rankings. This action follows the revocation of their licenses by the Malta Gaming Authority, reflecting the company's stringent compliance with international regulatory standards.

Upholding industry standards

As a leader in the digital entertainment sector, Innovate Change consistently prioritizes user safety and trust, upholding stringent ethical practices within the industry. Following the revocation of licenses by the Malta Gaming Authority, the company undertook a rigorous reassessment of all listed casinos on its platform to ensure compliance with the highest legal and ethical standards. 

The Media Relations department at Innovate Change emphasized, "Upon notification of the license revocations, our compliance team promptly initiated a thorough review and removed any entities failing to meet regulatory expectations. This swift and decisive action underlines our unwavering commitment to maintaining a trustworthy platform."

In response to these developments, Innovate Change has reinforced its role in preserving industry integrity and safeguarding user interests by implementing a detailed verification process for licensing documents, operational audits, and compliance with international standards.

"Our users deserve a secure and reliable gaming environment, and that is why we go beyond the basic requirements to ensure all providers on our list adhere to our high standards," the Media Relations department remarked.

By proactively addressing regulatory changes, Innovate Change continues to lead the way in promoting responsible gaming and ethical business practices, thus maintaining the trust of its users and setting a benchmark for the entire digital entertainment industry.

Rigorous compliance and commitment to User Safety

Innovate Change operates with a dual focus on rigorous compliance and user safety, utilizing an advanced monitoring system to continuously assess the compliance status of all listed online casinos. This system encompasses regular audits, detailed analysis of regulatory updates, and the active solicitation of user feedback. Such measures ensure that every recommended gambling entity adheres to necessary legal standards, thus shielding users from the risks associated with non-compliant operators.

Further deepening this commitment, the removal of non-compliant casinos highlights Innovate Change's dedication to transparency and user protection. The company maintains stringent listing criteria and communicates openly about the reasons behind delisting decisions, reinforcing the platform's role not just as an entertainment provider but as a trusted, safe environment for users.

"Our actions are guided by the principle that an informed user is a safeguarded one. We are committed to ensuring that every interaction on our platform upholds the highest standards of trust and safety," stated the Media Relations department at Innovate Change.

Future plans for enhanced user experience

Looking ahead, Innovate Change is set to launch several initiatives aimed at further enhancing user experience and safety. These include new educational resources on responsible gambling and the deployment of state-of-the-art analytical tools designed to provide deeper insights into game safety and integrity. These tools will not only enhance the user experience but also reinforce the platform's commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy environment.

About Innovate Change

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Innovate Change is renowned for its integration of sophisticated gaming solutions, cutting-edge sports analytics, and compelling entertainment content. The company's mission is to provide comprehensive, reliable, and up-to-date information that empowers users to engage with online gaming responsibly and safely. Innovate Change continues to lead the industry in innovation and dedication to user safety.

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