Eric Sprott Announces Changes to His Holdings in Jaguar Mining Inc.

March 06, 2024 4:32 PM EST | Source: Eric Sprott

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - March 6, 2024) - Eric Sprott announces that today, 2176423 Ontario Ltd., a corporation which is beneficially owned by him, purchased 50,000 common shares (Shares) of Jaguar Mining Inc. over the Toronto Stock Exchange (representing approximately 0.06% of the outstanding shares on non-diluted basis) at a price of approximately $1.99 per share for aggregate consideration of approximately $99,920.00.

The acquired Shares were purchased in reliance on the normal course purchase exemption from the formal take-over bid requirements set out in Section 4.1 of National Instrument 62-104 - Take-Over Bids and Issuer Bids (NI 62-104). Such Shares do not represent more than 5% of the outstanding Shares, and the aggregate number of Shares acquired in reliance on this exemption with any joint actors within the last 12 months does not exceed 5% of the Shares outstanding at the beginning of the 12-month period. The Shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the value of the consideration paid for the acquired Shares was not in excess of the market price at the date of acquisition, as determined in accordance with section 1.11 of NI 62-104, plus reasonable brokerage fees or commissions actually paid.

Prior to the acquisition of Shares, Mr. Sprott beneficially owned 35,351,710 Shares representing approximately 44.7% of the outstanding Shares on a non-diluted basis. As a result of the acquisition of Shares, Mr. Sprott now beneficially owns 35,421,710 Shares representing approximately 44.8% of the outstanding Shares on a non-diluted basis. The acquisition combined with prior treasury issuances of Shares resulted in a decrease in holdings, on a partially diluted basis, of approximately 4.1% since the date of the last filing of an early warning report.

The Shares were acquired for investment purposes. Mr. Sprott has a long-term view of the investment and may acquire additional securities including on the open market or through private acquisitions or sell the securities including on the open market or through private dispositions in the future depending on market conditions, reformulation of plans and/or other relevant factors.

Jaguar Mining Inc., is located at 25 Adelaide St E, Suite 1400, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 3A1. A copy of the early warning report with respect to the foregoing will appear on Jaguar Mining's profile on SEDAR+ at and may also be obtained by calling Mr. Sprott's office at (416) 945-3294 (2176423 Ontario Ltd., 7 King Street East, Suite 1106, Toronto, ON M5C 3C5).

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