Gold Coin Hunters at Gold Bullion Wealth (GBW) Announce Discovery of the Illustrious 1699 5 Guineas William III Elephant and Castle MS64: The Premier Specimen

February 28, 2024 11:05 AM EST | Source: Gajura

London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - February 28, 2024) - GBW recently announced that they have found a 1699 5 Guineas William III Elephant and Castle gold coin, rated MS64, marking it as a pristine, uncirculated gem. This rare find, heralded as the "King of Coins," encapsulates over three centuries of British history, craftsmanship, and distinction, setting a new benchmark in the world of coin collecting.

For the past decade, GBW's team has undertaken a global quest in Australia, China, Japan, Africa, Europe, and the US, in pursuit of these remarkably uncommon and exceptionally elusive coins. Their dedication highlights the formidable challenges encountered in securing such scarce items, owing to their significant size, and rarity.

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This rare find being none other than the 1699 5 Guineas William III Elephant and Castle, is a gold coin that epitomises the zenith of Golden Art in coinage. It stands as one of the largest gold coins ever minted for commercial use during its time. This specific coin, rated MS64, indicating it is in Mint State (uncirculated) condition, is not just a very rare coin but a beacon of historical significance (the early 5 Guineas from the 1600s and 1700s are extremely rare in any condition, but 99.99% of them are well circulated).

The "Elephant and Castle" under the bust denotes the use of gold sourced from the Africa Company, adding a layer of geopolitical intrigue and rarity to its story. Its historical significance is underscored by its creation during an era when Great Britain was emerging as the foremost global empire, making it a bold statement of imperial grandeur and economic prowess.

GBW - Treasure Hunters

The discovery story of this coin is as captivating as the piece itself. After a decade long global quest that spanned continents, the coin was unearthed in a small, overlooked collection in Europe, a find that was the culmination of tireless searches, negotiations, and expertise. The moment the coin was identified among lesser-known treasures, it sparked an unparalleled excitement among the GBW team, akin to unearthing a piece of lost history. This discovery was not just about finding a rare coin but about reclaiming a piece of the grand narrative of British numismatic heritage.

For collectors, it offers an opportunity to own a piece of imperial history, while for historians, it provides tangible evidence of Britain's global reach and economic strategies in the 17th century.

In light of the remarkable discovery of the 1699 5 Guineas William III Elephant and Castle, GBW's representatives and the coin hunters involved in the discovery have shared their insights and excitement, underscoring the significance of this find.

From James David, a leading expert at GBW: "The discovery of the 1699 5 Guineas William III Elephant and Castle is a milestone in the world of numismatics. It's not just about finding a rare coin; it's about uncovering a piece of history that tells us about the economic and political landscape of 17th century Great Britain. This coin is a testament to the craftsmanship and the global aspirations of an emerging empire."

Mia Chen, one of the coin hunters who played a crucial role in the discovery, shared her exhilaration: "The moment we realised what we had found, it was pure exhilaration. Years of diligent search, sifting through collections across continents, finally led us to this extraordinary piece. It's a once-in-a-lifetime find that reaffirms why we are so passionate about numismatics."

GBW is showcasing the 1699 5 Guineas William III Elephant and Castle MS64 gold coin, sparking interest in the global numismatic community. Their role in discovering, curating and brokering this find demonstrates a commitment to historical treasures. This project connects history enthusiasts with significant pieces, emphasising GBW's insight into Britain's heritage.

GBW invites enthusiasts and historians to delve deeper into the fascinating world of coin collecting, encouraging further exploration of GBW's initiatives and discoveries through their website and social media channels.

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GBW, with its headquarters nestled in the heart of London, was founded on a passion for history and a commitment to uncovering the stories behind currency and coins. Our mission is to explore, discover, and share numismatic treasures.

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