The Iconic Panda Takes Center Stage, Ushering in a Brilliant New Chapter for Chengdu IFS on Its 10th Anniversary

February 08, 2024 5:09 AM EST | Source: StonesPR

Chengdu, China--(Newsfile Corp. - February 8, 2024) - On January 14, 2024, Chengdu IFS celebrated its tenth anniversary with the vision of "TREND TO THE FUTURE."

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I AM HERE in 3D: Surprising Encounters with the Public Across Dimensions

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An inter-dimensional creative visual feast with I AM HERE as the main character celebrated the 10th anniversary with the public, feeling the unique pulse of the city and searching for the city's intimate resonance in a fantastical and joyful way. With a new urban aesthetic experience that breaks the boundary between reality and virtual, the Chengdu IFS large outdoor screen attracted people to stop and participate frequently, further revitalizing the city's super IP, and adding surging vitality to Chengdu's construction as an international consumption center city.

Born from Lawrence Argent's vision to "break the boundaries of commercial space," the endearing "Climbing Panda" sculpture, I AM HERE, came into existence alongside Chengdu IFS. It swiftly became an iconic urban landmark and a trailblazer in activating nationwide intellectual property (IP). Over the span of a decade, Chengdu IFS has meticulously organized a series of extraordinary events where renowned artists and celebrities have not only collaborated but also smartly interacted with I AM HERE, enhancing the overall experience.

From the awe-inspiring "Light Rose Garden" public art installation to the captivating "Fun in the AiR" AR art exhibition and the immersive interactive art experience known as "the MELON-VERSE," these events showcase the seamless integration of I AM HERE. With their ingenuity, renowned artists and celebrities have ingeniously engaged with I AM HERE, infusing these events with fresh sparks of creativity and further elevating the charm and appeal of Chengdu IFS.

Chengdu IFS has amplified I AM HERE's prominence with exclusive merchandise, pop-up stores, and collectibles, elevating its brand value. I AM HERE takes center stage in Chengdu's metaverse exploration, captivating the public and inspiring renowned artists and celebrities to interact creatively with this beloved symbol.

Today, I AM HERE has become an emblem of Chengdu's rapid transformation, telling the story of the city's remarkable growth. Whether during traditional festivities or bustling tourist seasons, Chengdu IFS ensures that I AM HERE, alongside esteemed artists and celebrities, is an ever-present and cherished participant in every vibrant event.

Company Name: Chengdu IFS
Contact Person: Vivien Fan

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