Cool Travel Media produced the "Chinese" University Music Event, Lets the World Hear the Voices of Chinese Youth

January 21, 2024 1:10 AM EST | Source: StonesPR

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - January 21, 2024) - On January 21, 2024, the nationwide preliminary stage of the "Rolling Waves!" National University Band Popularity Contest, organized by Hunan Broadcasting Television Urban Channel (Feng Mang) and produced by Hunan Cool Travel Media Co., Ltd., came to a perfect conclusion. This 33-day music extravaganza not only gathered music elites from over a thousand Chinese universities but also attracted talented university musicians from Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, Ukraine, the United States, and other countries. Multilingual music echoed through the skies of Chinese cities as young students from around the world showcased their musical talents on the stage, injecting new vitality into cultural exchanges between China and other countries.

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Breaking language barriers, original music touches hearts

In this competition, original music took center stage. Participating bands showcased their talent and creative abilities through original compositions. Among them, the passionate and rocking tracks like "Give Me All Your Love" and emotionally charged pop songs like "Awakening" and "Midnight Escape Plan" demonstrated the infinite charm and uniqueness of original music. These original works not only blended traditional and modern elements but also broke new ground in terms of melody, rhythm, and arrangement.

Compared to international pop music, Chinese original music showcased its distinctive style and depth in this competition. In addition to popular, punk, J-rock, Fusion, Funk, Bossa, R&B, and Rock genres, there were innovative breakthroughs in melody, rhythm, and arrangement. In a single competition, there were various "Chinese languages" including Mandarin, Cantonese, Shaanxi dialect, as well as Korean, Japanese, English, and other languages. This fusion of expressions made original music stand out on this musical stage.

Through the lens of music, glimpses of Chinese cities

During the competition, each band cleverly incorporated elements of their respective cities, showcasing the cultural charm of different regions. In the Chengdu competition, elements of Sichuan Opera were integrated into pop music, showcasing the regional characteristics of Sichuan and Chongqing culture. In the Nanjing competition, traditional Nanjing Baiju opera forms showcased the profound musical charm of the Suzhou-Hangzhou region. The integration of these traditional cultural elements from Chinese cities not only enriched the essence of the music works but also injected new vitality into the diversity and uniqueness of music.

Chinese youth's original music is heading towards the world

Zhang Shijie, the General Manager of Hunan Kulv Media Co., Ltd., said, "Music is a language without borders. It can break the limitations of geography and culture, allowing people to find each other in resonance." This event not only brings exciting music performances to domestic audiences but also allows university students worldwide to experience the vitality, innovation, and pursuit of dreams of Chinese university students. In the future, the "Rolling Waves!" National University Band Popularity Contest will venture beyond China and go global.

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