Greeneration Announces Fully Operational Farming Supplying Culinary Excellence

December 27, 2023 8:28 AM EST | Source: PRNews OU

Dubai, United Arab Emirates--(Newsfile Corp. - December 27, 2023) - Greeneration, the avant-garde horticulture company founded by Roman Ulyanov, has transitioned from vision to reality with its fully operational farm, now becoming one of the key suppliers of culinary excellence to top-tier restaurants in Dubai.

Roman Ulyanov has orchestrated the transformation of Greeneration from a concept to a thriving operational food hub. This marks a remarkable milestone in the company's commitment to providing rare crops and sustainably sourced ingredients tailored to meet the unique demands of the HoReCa industry.

The fully operational farm, executed under Roman's meticulous guidance, is actively supplying fresh microgreens and edible flowers to leading restaurants in Dubai. Greeneration's commitment to sustainability is evident through its groundbreaking initiatives. These include substantial reductions in water and plastic usage, fostering a significant positive environmental impact. Furthermore, Greeneration proudly practices year-round pesticide-free green cultivation, contributing to the promotion of eco-friendly and healthy farming practices.

Roman Ulyanov, the founder of Greeneration, expressed his excitement about the successful realization of this vision. He stated, "The UAE is a globally-known destination for tourism and gastronomy, but 85% of food is imported, resulting in mediocre quality and a threat to national food security. Greeneration will provide up to 50 tonnes of ultrarunner ultra-fresh produce annually to the selected restaurants in the UAE, bringing more than 55 new SKUs to the market."

The company is set to open its second farm next winter, which will introduce new ingredients and supply to even more restaurants. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the impact of Greeneration's sustainable agriculture practices will continue to spread, transforming the culinary landscape of the region for years to come.

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About Greeneration:

Greeneration specializes in cultivating and providing naturally grown, locally sourced ingredients. By focusing on local production, the initiative strives to decrease the UAE's dependence on imported foods, boost export potential, and reduce unhealthy food consumption, enhancing both national food security and the country's international goodwill.

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