Recently, Hebei Daily Newspaper Group Has Launched a Series of Short Videos Titled Xiong'an Adventure Chronicles

December 15, 2023 4:24 AM EST | Source: StonesPR

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - December 15, 2023) - Recently, Hebei Daily Newspaper Group has launched a series of short videos, titled "Xiong'an Adventure Chronicles," which have been successively released on major global media platforms, garnering attention from netizens. "Xiong'an Adventure Chronicles" features a special experience from ambassador Mi Zu, offering an immersive exploration of the Xiong'an New Area. The series includes four short videos: "The Magical Car," "The Magical Garden," "The Magical Home," and "The Magical Community."

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"The Xiong'an New Area in Hebei is another new area of national significance following the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and the Shanghai Pudong New Area. For over six years, in North China, a city of the future with aspirations spanning a millennium has been breaking ground, sprouting, and growing. What defines the 'new' in the Xiong'an 'New Area,' and what kind of future does it represent? These questions are capturing the world's attention."

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The series of short videos, "Xiong'an Adventure Chronicles," features Egyptian experience ambassador Mi Zu. Throughout Mi Zu's exploration of Xiong'an, various mysteries are unraveled, and wonders are discovered, showcasing the unique charm of Xiong'an. The videos open with suspense, highlighting the theme of adventure and structuring the narrative in an engaging and audience-friendly manner. The content is expressed in a lively and relaxed language, aiming to eloquently portray the indescribable marvels of the 'City of the Future' to the world.

Xiong'an is a city of wisdom. In its over six years of establishment, the Xiong'an New Area has focused on building a high-quality 'Innovation City' with a strong 'smart DNA,' promoting the comprehensive application of intelligent technologies across various scenarios. In the first episode, 'The Magical Car,' Mi Zu experiences autonomous vehicles in Xiong'an. Initially filled with questions and concerns about what happens at red lights and the potential for collisions with pedestrians, Mi Zu's worries vanish as the self-driving car smoothly navigates the roads. The car stops at red lights and yields to pedestrians, earning a thumbs-up from Mi Zu.

Xiong'an is a green city where green ideals and a low-carbon lifestyle are within reach. Surprisingly, the secret to Xiongan's green development is hidden in a power substation. Running generates electricity, and charging stations automatically find cars. In the second episode, "The Magical Garden," Mi Zu steps into this enchanting garden at the Jucun Substation, filled with the fragrance of flowers and the sounds of birds. As he explores the secrets of Xiongan's green development in this technological wonderland, Mi Zu can't help but exclaim, "Amazing!"

Xiong'an is also an ecological city. With strengthened local efforts in ecological environment governance and protection, the "kidney of North China," Baiyangdian, presents a beautiful picture of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. In the third episode, "The Magical Home," Mi Zu visits Baiyangdian, a sanctuary for numerous rare bird species. With clear water and green reeds. As Mi Zu paddles across the lake, he raises a series of questions: "Why are there wooden fences in the water?" "Do the 'residents' living in the water have security guards and doctors?" "Why are half of the reeds yellow, and the other half green in the same season?" This video captures the essence of the City of the Future, a utopia that captivates Mi Zu.

In the fourth episode, "The Magical Community," the focus turns to the Nanwenying Community in Xiong'an New Area. Wearing a red vest and moving tirelessly, Mi Zu becomes a volunteer in this episode. From home visits and cultural heritage classes to household surveys and experiencing the 15-minute living circle, Mi Zu stays busy! Leading everyone, he brings to life the essence of living in peace and enjoying work. Those curious about what the City of the Future looks like may join Mi Zu to take a closer look.

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