Wyclef Jean and Caribbean International Commerce Announce First of Many Groundbreaking Technology and Infrastructure Hub Agreements in Plateau State, Nigeria

December 04, 2023 7:59 PM EST | Source: Caribbean International Commerce

San Juan, Puerto Rico--(Newsfile Corp. - December 4, 2023) - A seismic shift in the world of commerce and entertainment is about to take center stage as Wyclef Jean and Caribbean International Commerce (CICH) proudly announce their pioneering partnership with Plateau State, Nigeria. This collaboration marks the initiation of an extraordinary project that combines innovation, sustainability, and a dash of star power.

In a historic move, the renowned musician and mogul, Wyclef Jean, has teamed up with CICH to secure the very first Hub agreement along with 4,000+ Hectares of land (15 + square miles) in Plateau State, Nigeria. The venture is poised to revolutionize not only the local economy but also the global landscape.

The project is a symphony of innovation, encompassing state-of-the-art music and movie studios, a planned platform for a more equitable distribution of wealth in commodity markets, and a commitment to eco-friendly practices. The utilization of cutting-edge Energy Glass Solar ™ technology, and Sustainable Building with Veerhouse Voda USA underpins every aspect of the endeavor, demonstrating a clear commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Key Highlights of the Project:

  • State-of-the-Art Music and Movie Studios: The hub will serve as a creative incubator, providing emerging talent with access to world-class studios, thus catalyzing the evolution of the music and film industry.
  • Coming Soon: NiDax - Commodities Exchange for Equitable Wealth Distribution- The project plans to introduce NiDax, a groundbreaking financial paradigm, offering equitable access to commodity markets, fostering economic empowerment for all participants.
  • Green Technology and Energy Glass Solar™ : Harnessing the power of renewable energy sources, the project is a shining example of how modern technology can coexist harmoniously with our planet.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Phase two of the project includes cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, supporting job creation and local industry development
  • Sustainable Housing Developments: The initiative extends its commitment to cost effective sustainability with the creation of eco-friendly housing developments, promoting a greener, healthier community.

This project is not just a venture; it's a vision for a brighter, more sustainable future. Wyclef Jean and Caribbean International Commerce are paving the way for a new era of economic growth and creative expression in Plateau State, Nigeria. Together, they are breaking new ground and bringing innovative solutions to the forefront.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on this groundbreaking partnership, as Wyclef Jean and Caribbean International Commerce continue to shape the future of commerce, entertainment, and sustainability.

Wyclef Jean, on the monumental agreement with Plateau State, Nigeria and Caribbean International Commerce, stated: "This partnership represents a fusion of creativity, sustainability, and economic empowerment. We're bringing the music of innovation to the world, and the world to the music of Nigeria. Together, we're creating harmony in both art and commerce, setting a new standard for a brighter, greener future."

CICH expresses deep gratitude for Plateau State and the various additional state governments moving forward in bringing these hubs to their respective states, as well as for the various federal government agencies, ministries, and officials dedicated to bringing this federal initiative forward for the benefit of all Nigerians.

His Excellency, Barr. Caleb Manasseh Muftwang, Governor, Plateau State speaking on this partnership said: "Expressed gratitude that his recent engagements in the United States of America have begun yielding fruits, attracting immediate investments such as this industrial park and technology innovation hub. These sorts of synergies will naturally provide a platform for scaling up and exposing the young talents on the Plateau towards sharing their gifts with the world, he added. The Wyclef Jean and Caribbean International Commerce is one of the key collaborations that will harvest the plethora of creative talents in Plateau State and export them to the world. The Time is Now for breathtaking initiatives and Plateau state is a fertile ground for such."

For inquiries, please contact:
Seth Kanegis Co-Founder

About Wyclef Jean: Wyclef Jean is a multi-talented musician, songwriter, and philanthropist known for his contributions to the music industry and his commitment to global humanitarian causes.

About Caribbean International Commerce: Caribbean International Commerce (CICH) is a forward-thinking Bleeding edge technologies organization dedicated to creating economic opportunities, fostering innovation, and promoting sustainable development across the World.

About Plateau State: Plateau State is the twelfth-largest Nigerian state. It's located near the Centre of Nigeria and includes a range of hills surrounding the Jos Plateau, its capital, and the entire plateau itself.

Plateau State is described as "The Home of Peace and Tourism". With natural formations of rocks, hills and waterfalls, it derives its name from the Jos Plateau and has a population of around 3.5 million people. With an area of 26,899 square Kilometres, the state has an estimated population of about Six million people. The altitude ranges from around 1,200 metres (3,900 ft) to a peak of 1,829 metres (6,001ft) above sea level in the Shere Hills range near Jos.

Plateau State is famous for its huge potentials in agriculture, minerals exploration, tourism, commerce, ICT, talent discovery, Energy among many other key sectors, projecting it as a budding investment destination.

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