One of 2023's Must Read Books on Abortion Rights is 'The Abortion Evolution' by Author Darius Lamont Allen

November 20, 2023 5:44 AM EST | Source: Dabb Media, LLC

San Francisco, California--(Newsfile Corp. - November 20, 2023) - Darius Lamont Allen, continues to educate and inspire readers with his best-selling book The Abortion Evolution: Surviving to Live. This compelling and thought-provoking book delves into the complex and contentious world of abortion rights, offering a comprehensive historical account of the ongoing debate. His work invites the audience to put aside their existing views and build a better understanding of abortion from the ground up.

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Book cover of The Abortion Evolution

The Abortion Evolution starts off by tracing the origins of the abortion rights movement, where early forms of contraception and abortion were practiced in ancient civilizations. As society advanced, the narrative explores the rise of restrictive laws, religious influences, and the stigmatization of abortion, which have profoundly impacted women's autonomy and reproductive choices. The book explores a range of cultural and religious beliefs about the beginning of human life. In addition to the topic of abortion itself, The Abortion Evolution delves into related topics like crime, human rights, and the idea of the family unit. This includes an examination of how historical trends and injustices have influenced a woman's right to choose. From adoption to slavery, Allen unravels how abortion became one of the most hot-button issues of our time and what that means today.

Adults with an interest in politics will appreciate the complexity and depth of The Abortion Evolution. Allen's accessible language and down-to-earth explanations make this the perfect book for introductory readers and experts alike.

The heart of the book lies in the stories of women facing deprivation of abortion rights. Drawing on in-depth accounts, personal testimonies, and ethical debates from around the world, The Abortion Evolution - Surviving to Live reveals the devastating consequences endured by women who are denied access to safe and legal abortion services. From medical risk to emotional turmoil, the book uncovers the harsh realities women encounter when forced into unsafe and clandestine procedures.

While writing, Allen drew upon the experience of losing his son in an accident and the perspective it gave him on the issue of when life begins. He hopes his work will encourage readers to think deeper about the effects of abortion and how it relates to society as a whole.

The Abortion Evolution: Surviving to Live and Allen's other works are available for purchase on or wherever books are sold.

Darius Lamont Allen is an author, U.S. Navy veteran, and proud family man. His books examine the evolution of key issues such as gun rights and abortion. He hopes his writing will inspire others to continue learning and keep an open mind through his series of Evolution Books: The Abortion Evolution, The Woke Evolution and The Political Gun Evolution. For more information, visit him online at


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