Anastasiya Kulygin to Share Expertise on Psychedelic Medicine Investment at Wonderland Conference in Miami

November 04, 2023 11:00 AM EDT | Source: Microdose Psychedelic Insights

Miami, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - November 4, 2023) - Renowned speaker and advocate for psychedelic medicine, Anastasiya Kulygin, is set to be a featured speaker at the Wonderland Conference, the world's largest Psychedelic Medicine Business Event, taking place from November 9th to 11th, 2023, in Miami.

Anastasiya, the founder of a premium plant medicine retreat organization in Spain, is a visionary leader in the field of psychedelic medicine. With a strong background in investment management, she has successfully combined her business acumen with a deep understanding of the transformative potential of plant medicine.

At the Wonderland Conference, Anastasiya will be a featured speaker on the panel titled "The Sacred Journey: What Plant Medicine Retreats Teach Us," scheduled for Friday, November 10th at 04:00 PM. The panel will explore the profound insights and healing potential that plant medicine retreats offer, delving into the psychological and spiritual growth they facilitate.

Anastasiya's unique insights and experiences have made her a sought-after speaker and influencer in the global psychedelics community. Her presentation will shed light on her journey as a premier retreat organizer, the challenges and opportunities she faces, and the future of plant medicine retreats.

Anastasiya's participation at the Wonderland Conference adds a valuable perspective on the intersection of business, innovation, and the transformative potential of psychedelic medicine. She brings to the forefront the importance of responsible and sustainable practices in the field.

In addition to her work in the psychedelic medicine space, Anastasiya is also a co-founder of the Pachamama Foundation, dedicated to collaborating with indigenous communities to safeguard sacred lands, cultures, and ancient wisdom. The foundation supports scientific research into indigenous wisdom, promoting innovations in mental health and the study of human consciousness.

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About INME Wellness:

INME Wellness, under the leadership of Anastasiya Kulygin, is a premium and legal plant medicine retreat organization that collaborates exclusively with leaders of indigenous tribes. Their retreats are known for high-quality care and service, providing a safe and comfortable environment for deep transformation. INME Wellness offers comprehensive preparation and integration programs to help participants manifest their most authentic, empowered selves.

About Wonderland:
Wonderland: Miami is a unique convergence of business, science, music, and emerging technologies in the psychedelic medicine industry. Following a successful year of virtual conferences, Wonderland: Miami provides an in-person platform for creative and professional growth, connecting influential leaders in science, policy, and business. It offers a launching pad for innovative content related to the psychedelic medicine space, combining thought leadership with entertainment and collaboration opportunities.

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