CBD of Denver Inc. Announces Q3 Results, Update on Anti-Slip, Expansion of Magic Lappen, Luxora Investor Call and Update Additional Corporate Actions

November 03, 2023 5:57 AM EDT | Source: CBD of Denver Inc.

Denver, Colorado--(Newsfile Corp. - November 3, 2023) - CBD of Denver, Inc. (OTC Pink: CBDD), is pleased to announce that the Company had revenue in Q3 of approximately $728,000, including approximately $512,000 from Luxora and $216,000 from Berliner, showcasing a significant increase from the $26,907 in revenue during Q3 of 2022. The company is very pleased with this quarter as this is one of the more difficult quarters in Europe due to holidays during most of July and August.

As previous disclosed, changes in German health law have positively impacted the Company's Anti-Slip product, with sales currently focusing on the greater Berlin area. Plans are in place to train additional installers for an expansion throughout Germany. This legislative change has resulted in a strong Q3 performance for Berliner, despite the traditional summer vacation slowdown. Furthermore, this regulatory change has unlocked access to a substantial network of over 1,500 well-qualified leads, all within the Berlin area.

"The Magic Lappen continues to make strides within the Edeka Germany footprint by expanding into multiple new regions as the individual stores have requested the product," said CEO Axel Reinke. "We are actively participating in large exhibitions, showcasing our product in various industries, including car, commercial, and residential cleaning. During our last exhibition we picked up a few new clients one in the wine business for whom we developed special packaging for the wine company's giveaway. The client believes our product is perfect for cleaning and polishing quality wine glasses. Their first order was for 5,000 pieces. If you have not tried our product, I would highly recommend polishing silverware and crystal - the result is extraordinary."

Luxora had its first call with investors during which the Company introduced to the public some of the members of the team and briefly discussed expansion plans for the German market.

"With the pivotal debate on cannabis legalization scheduled for November 16th rapidly approaching, we are excitedly poised at the brink of a groundbreaking moment in the journey towards cannabis legalization in Germany. We eagerly await the final draft of the legislation, as we anticipate that it will not only affirm but also significantly bolster the capacity and potential of Luxora's infrastructure and services in the German market. We see this as a momentous opportunity to showcase our strengths and contribute positively to the industry's future," Chief Compliance Officer Philipp Ferrer emphasizes.

"I am very pleased with the progress Luxora has made and look forward to expanding on our goals and rolling out a plan for 2024 expansion I will be expanding on this in the very near future" states Jan Schwager.

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Additional updates from CBD of Denver

  1. We are reviewing additional products to put through our distribution portals, focusing on products that have already had success in North America.
  2. The company understands the importance of social media and continues to investigate new ways of using this important medium to spread the word . As part of the Company's social media initiative, we will provide educational and informative content dealing the evolving German regulatory environment.

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