Phoenix White, The Luminary of Radical Transformation, Emerges at Wonderland Conference 2023 as a Keynote Speaker and 'Retreat of the Year' Nominee

November 03, 2023 11:55 AM EDT | Source: Microdose Psychedelic Insights

Miami, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - November 3, 2023) - Phoenix White, acclaimed author and founder of The Sacred Celestial, to be featured Keynote Speaker and nominee for 'Retreat of the Year' at Wonderland Conference 2023.

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Photo 1: Phoenix White - Founder & CEO of The Sacred Celestial

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The Wonderland Conference has evolved into the most anticipated event in the field, uniting trailblazers in science, policy, and business while igniting groundbreaking advancements, all converging on the frontier of psychedelics, mental health, and longevity.

The Sacred Celestial, founded by Phoenix White, is nominated for the prestigious 'Retreat of the Year' award, celebrating their revolutionary contributions to transformative healing and groundbreaking work in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy. The organization is renowned for its radical healing retreats that create authentic spaces for individuals to fearlessly heal, embark on profound personal growth, celebrate vulnerability, and unlock their untapped potential.

Phoenix White, specializes in curating immersive, radical healing experiences, fusing science and spirituality, alongside multi-sensory ceremonial psychedelic journeys. Her mission is to "make healing accessible to everyone who chooses it, not just those who can afford it" inviting individuals to shatter their barriers, explore the depths of their being, and uncover their innate strength in an environment that nurtures growth.

Phoenix White is a resilient figure, triumphing over multiple life-altering brain surgeries, homelessness, extreme trauma, assault, and more. Phoenix embodies the true essence of rising from the ashes, her journey has transformed her into a potent healer and a compelling voice in communities worldwide.

At Wonderland Conference Nov 9th-11th 2023, Phoenix White will be delivering a dynamic keynote address on Postpartum Mental Health, delving into pre & postpartum depression & the potential of psychedelic therapy for mothers facing mental health challenges while raising children and methods to combat it.

She will also add to 3 pivotal panel discussions, including the Intersection of Race and Mental Health, Psychedelic Treatment in Adolescents, and Navigating Challenging Psychedelic Experiences.

Phoenix White, the luminary of radical transformation, is poised to make an unforgettable mark at Wonderland Conference 2023. Her extraordinary journey, alongside her nomination for "Retreat of the Year" for 'The Sacred Celestial' and the launch of her newest ceremony date releases & 2 new powerful retreats - Emergence & Nocturnal solidifies her role as a central figure in the global awakening, healing, and self-discovery movement.


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Photo 2: Phoenix White | Brain Surgery

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Photo 3: Redefining Strong book cover | Phoenix White

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Photo 4: Sacred Celestial Ceremonies & Retreats

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Phoenix White is a Best-Selling Author of Redefining Strong - A journey to finding yourself, true healing and spiritual recalibration, Founder & CEO of Sacred Celestial, psychedelic therapist & Integration Specialist who specialize in curating multi-sensory healing experiences, and ceremonial psychedelics.

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Photo 5: Phoenix White Promo | Wonderland

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Video: The Sacred Celestial Ceremony

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The Sacred Celestial is a leader in revolutionizing holistic well-being and radical healing, specializing in the curation of immersive multi-sensory retreats and ceremonies around the world. Visit our website for upcoming retreats.

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Photo 6: Wonderland Conference Photo

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