Fuzhou Municipal Bureau Launches Heart of the Min River International Cultural and Product Design Contest 2023

Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism Announces the Launch of "Heart of the Min River" International Cultural and Product Design Contest 2023

October 29, 2023 12:21 AM EDT | Source: StonesPR

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - October 29, 2023) - The International Cultural & Product Innovation Design Contest 2023, centered around the theme "Heart of the Min River," will officially be unveiled on October 28th. This competition, guided by the Publicity Department of Fuzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, is hosted by Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism. It is also co-organized by the People's Government of Taijiang District and Fuzhou Urban Construction Investment Group Co. The opening ceremony took place at Fuzhou's Haisi Square, drawing provincial and municipal leaders, as well as judges and guests from around the world. The event commenced with a captivating installation featuring embroidered brocade and flowers, symbolizing the contest's dedication to infusing the city with extraordinary innovation.

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"Heart of the Min River" International Cultural and Product Design Contest 2023 Officially Launched

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Fuzhou, often referred to as the heart of the Min River, boasts landscapes as stunning as those found in the well-known public scenic spot of Binjiang. With the aim of expediting the creation of a cultural and innovation corridor within the city and fostering the growth of the cultural and creative industries, Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism spearheaded this international contest. The contest is expected to invigorate the city's cultural and creative atmosphere, bolster tourism appeal, offer an exceptional platform for cultural and creative entities and talents, and stimulate the development of the cultural and tourism economy.

This competition invites cultural and creative organizations, traditional craftsmen, design teams, and individuals from across the globe to showcase their exceptional cultural and creative works. It serves as a catalyst for the fusion of tradition and contemporary trends, weaving the city's core cultural elements, "Min Du" (also known as Fuzhou) cultural characteristics, Haisi culture, and shipyard culture into everyday life. By doing so, the contest aims to attract more talent to the cultural industry, further propelling the high-quality development of Fuzhou's cultural sector. It is set to be a vital part of painting the grand vision of cultural tourism in Fuzhou, unearthing boundless potential in the integrated development of culture and tourism, spearheaded by culture, creativity, and branding.

The competition comprises two categories: public collection, which encourages the general public to participate in cultural creation, and directional collection, inviting domestic and foreign universities, professional design institutions, and designers to take part in the competition. Their task is to create culture and tourism market-focused products rooted in Fuzhou's intangible cultural heritage, traditional crafts, and folk culture.

It is worth mentioning that this contest leverages "Heart of the Min River" as the epicenter of cultural innovation branding, elevating the "Min Du" culture onto the international stage both in level and scale. It places significant emphasis on the value of "empowering Fuzhou culture through promoting cultural innovation", with the objective of attracting universities, social organizations, and designers from various countries and regions worldwide to contribute to the creation and incubation of high-level cultural and creative products. The European University of Cyprus in Nicosia, a friendly city and part of the Belt and Road Initiative, is sending a local team of professors to participate in the contest, marking the beginning of a new chapter in cultural integration between the two cities.

The contest unfolds in five distinct phases: collection of works, preliminary work assessments, on-line voting, expert evaluations, and the announcement of awards. This competition will run until December, with winning entries earning the opportunity for online and offline promotional displays and market conversion recommendations. For those interested in participating, the contest's exclusive registration channel was launched on the opening day. Further information about the event can be obtained through official WeChat accounts, led by the "Heart of the Min River" International Cultural and Product Design Contest 2023.

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