Unleashing the Scope of Private Educators, How Riveter Consulting Group Seeks to Redefine the Current Education System

California-based lifestyle management firm, Riveter Consulting Group seeks to transform the current educational system through its innovative approach.

August 02, 2023 7:18 PM EDT | Source: Prodigy PR

Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - August 2, 2023) - The current education system is often criticized for its traditional one size fits all approach. A significant number of parents and educationalists in the United States voice their apprehensions on the matter. The ever-increasing cost of education also contributes to the notion that we must change the way we teach our children. Addressing this concern, Gold Porter, the CEO of Riveter Consulting Agency, seeks to redefine the educational system by empowering private educators and building a new education system.

At the heart of her vision for a promising future of education lies a system involving private educators, a customized curriculum, student-specific learning methods, and empowered parents. She emphasizes that the impact of the pandemic on education has made parents concerned across the world. She highlights examples of parents preferring homeschooling for their children and seeking her help to find suitable options. It was this demand from parents which convinced her to take steps to build an effective alternative.

Her platform, Riveter Consulting Group, had initial conversations with attorneys and potential stakeholders in the project in order to make her vision a reality. She also seeks potential collaborators and partners to move forward with the mission promising them a well-established platform for the purpose. " We identify a huge gap in our education system in terms of what individual students require and what they are provided with. There has always been a lack of interest-based and skills-specific learning systems in our schools. Our goal is to create a one-stop solution for both parents and students with a student-oriented, private educator-led homeschooling system, says Gold Porter, CEO of Riveter Consulting Group.

Realizing the limitations of parents and students in finding alternative solutions, Riveter Consulting Group is committed to bringing all stakeholders on board to contemplate viable options. They are also willing to provide a platform and are ready to facilitate necessary requirements. The team of experts at RCG has extensive experience in managing and administering a wide range of personal and corporate operations. They are confident in leveraging these expertise to fulfill their vision of transforming the education system.

Another aspect of RCG's vision is its endeavor to make education accessible and affordable to every average family in the country. Highlighting the importance of this aspect, Gold Porter highlights the example of Covid 19 when middle-class families across the globe struggled to ensure uninterrupted education for their children due to the high cost involved in the safety and security of schooling at that time.

"We look forward to partnering with individuals or organizations who can build a curriculum and develop a business plan. We envision this project as a collaborative effort between parents, students, and educators where families in a community can come together and pay for the education of their children. This way the curriculum and teaching methodology can be customized based on the specific requirements of the students. The system can be developed in such a way that parents can plug and play," Gold Porter added.

Driven by the noble vision of connecting with people and fulfilling their requirements, Gold Porter and her company continue to redefine traditional business approaches. With the philosophy of making positive and meaningful changes in the lives of the people, Riveter Consulting Group seeks to expand its services to not only provide private educators but to also branch into the education sector as a whole. Considering their history of serving people with a humanitarian approach, this new step has the potential to change the future of the education system benefiting those who seek such a change.

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