Srdjan Pavelic Introduces Clean-Tech Portable Smart Speakers With Built In Connection

A music enthusiast and former refugee, Srdjan Pavelic is contributing immensely to creating a sustainable world by inventing portable solar-powered smart speakers.

July 27, 2023 11:40 AM EDT | Source: Prodigy PR

Denver, Colorado--(Newsfile Corp. - July 27, 2023) - Aloha Inc. has introduced portable solar-powered smart speakers that work without tethering to your home, phone or car. As technology continues to shape lifestyles and alter patterns, it also poses a considerable number of risks to the climate, amplifying the call for safe and sustainable technological developments. According to Srdjan Pavelic, Lead Innovator of Aloha, sustainable development is paramount on his agenda.

These portable boomboxes enable users to take their favorite voice system anywhere and everywhere they go without ever needing to tether to their phone. Furthermore, Aloha enables active individuals like bikers, hikers and campers, and music and tech enthusiasts to go and be free when they're exploring the great outdoors without having to worry about losing or damaging their phones while trying to make an emergency call or text.

Imagine controlling your speaker either remotely or on the go, while using popular AI and voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. Aloha Boomboxes is a greentech company positioned to pioneer future innovation with cleantech, focusing on economy, environment and social impact.

Pavelic emphasized his deep passion for climate-friendly innovations. "The smart speakers are carefully produced with the topmost level of climate consciousness, as we're cleantech entrepreneurs. Our motto is essentially to produce safe technology that conforms with global sustainability requirements. Hence, we employ the use of advanced technologies, lean and agile manufacturing and sustainable materials."

Pavelic, who is a certified cradle-to-cradle innovator, explains that the solar-powered smart loudspeakers will soon be launched into the market. "We're getting ready to launch in no distant time. We are already striking partnerships with other leading technology companies who will essentially help promote us to their network through their websites and some of their other marketing platforms. Secondly, we've been working with Kore Wireless, M4 factory and Indiegogo to bring our innovation to market. T-Mobile and AT&T will be our backbone for the data connection, so that our smart devices are fully connected."

While reflecting on how this idea was conceptualized, Pavelic, who lived years of his early life as a refugee in the United States, recalls his past struggles. "I'm a refugee in the US. I'm not even from America, but I am grateful I have been given the American dream. When I was around the age of 8, my father suddenly got sick and almost passed away. After that, we lost the first home we bought in America, on my third birthday. However, my parents and brother never gave up the fight. They were kind towards me and showed unconditional love through tough times. That was where I got this lover and warrior mentality from."

"Today, I'm happy to inspire others that it's okay not to have had a normal life. For someone like myself, a refugee, to have the courage and zest to build a company like this, says a lot about what can be achieved by anyone, only if they believe in themselves." He also reveals that the Aloha App will be available for download on Google Play and Apple App Store from September, 2023, while urging members of the public to download the Aloha app when it goes live for the latest updates on the exclusive Indiegogo campaign launching on November 1st.

Pavelic reiterates his resolve to continue to weather the storm by going ahead to launch the smart loudspeakers in the coming months, after which he will take his passion for climate-friendly technologies to the next level by creating more cleantech innovations for the future.

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