Newsfile Corp. Adopts Xpressdocs

Newswire recognizes significant time savings by integrating Xpressdocs within its processing platform

September 08, 2015 9:15 AM EDT | Source: Compliance Xpressware LLP

Seattle, Washington--(Newsfile Corp. - September 8, 2015) - Newsfile Corp., a newswire and regulatory filing services company, has integrated Xpressdocs within its news processing platform. Xpressdocs, a SaaS solution for automatically converting structured documents into clean HTML, is the latest product of Compliance Xpressware LLP ("CX"), a leading creator of regulatory and compliance software.

"Xpressdocs has simplified our process — we now automatically convert and prepare news releases uploaded by our clients," said Wasim Thaha, Director of Filing and News at Newsfile Corp. He added, "The productivity improvements are clear. What took upwards of 15 minutes now takes seconds."

"While we set out to create Xpressdocs to automate the creation of Structured Product documents, we always believed there were other applications for it within the compliance space," said Fuad Rahman, Ph.D., co-founder and managing partner of CX. "In the case of Newsfile Corp. we were able to tailor the output of Xpressdocs to meet the client's requirement of clean and simple HTML code that could easily be consumed by their downstream news partners."

Xpressdocs is available both on a hosted basis and on a deployed basis. For hosted scenarios, Xpressdocs runs on the Amazon Elastic Cloud, providing the highest level of security and close to 100% uptime. It can be accessed using JSON or XML based communication protocol, enhancing ease of integration. In the case of the deployed option, the software component can be installed and maintained within the safety of an organization's own IT infrastructure.

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