Conversely AI Announces an Automated Personalization Sales Tool That Transforms the Consumer Experience

Conversely AI, reveals their personalization sales tool that uses conversational artificial intelligence to lower customer acquisition costs and improve the lifetime value of each customer.

April 18, 2023 11:13 AM EDT | Source: Prodigy PR

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan--(Newsfile Corp. - April 18, 2023) - Conversely AI reveals its artificial intelligence application that transforms consumer journeys on a holistic level. By using this technology, Conversely AI can comprehend and identify the specific needs of each consumer.

Conversely AI uses large language models to identify important themes in conversations. Unlike other applications many sales agents use, this approach looks at user experience with a wider lens. Relevant conversational data, such as personal insights, objections, and responses, are automatically aggregated from multi-channel conversations and stored in a customer data layer. AI evaluates the conversational data and leverages it to generate a series of meaningful and personalized communications, tailored to the specific needs of each contact.The AI improves overall consumer experiences by leveraging specific and personalized content from past consumer engagements to establish trust and improve the relationship between the customer and brand.

For example, if a consumer says they need a policy to cover certain needs and their objection is wanting to talk with their spouse before making a decision, the system will send a follow up message thanking them for the time on the call and providing specific plan information to review with their spouse. Later on, the system will reach out again asking about the conversation with the spouse and if there is any additional information that can be provided. This strategy makes consumers feel like they're conversing with an attentive sales agent rather than an automated system.

Conversely AI has other appealing features like customized workflows, real-time insights, automated quality assurance reviews, and an AI concierge that gives direct instructions on how to close clients. When used for conversational tasks, the system trains itself with customer responses to find best-performing statements. This information can be used in agent training, real time agent assist, marketing automation, and call center scripting enhancements. By automating the extraction of relevant information, agents can spend time focusing on converting leads rather than note taking and follow up activities required after an interaction with a customer has taken place. Implementing this automation reduces the operating costs associated with generating sales. When used for quality assurance, the system provides visibility into 100% of consumer interactions, and automatically tags key insights, phrases and required statements for immediate scoring and corrective action. The quality assurance feature identifies the drivers of poor contact center experiences and performance issues while gaining valuable insights into trends over time. Conversely AI's system can be used on multiple channels, such as voice calls, SMS, chat, and email, and can be easily integrated on different platforms.

Conversely AI offers a scalable solution that doesn't lose sight of the importance of personalized communication needed to build a relationship with a consumer. Companies will see an increase in revenue and retention while simultaneously lowering their cost per acquisition.

"From my 30 years of industry experience, I realized that the quality of consumer relationships decreased dramatically after the end of the initial sales call. Without the agent entering call summary notes, information shared by the consumer was not accessible to the agent post call, and therefore was not used to aid in sales conversions. No amount of training would make this a productive procedure compared to what we developed with Conversely AI. Our system makes sales more efficient, convenient, and successful because of its ability to automatically generate specific responses that address each consumer's need," says Conversely AI founder Peter Schmitt.

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