Thorngate Financial Offers Solutions for Federal Employees to Combat the Retirement Crisis in America

Las Vegas, Nevada--(Newsfile Corp. - March 17, 2023) - Thorngate Financial, a leading financial advisory firm in Las Vegas, is proud to announce that it offers solutions for Federal employees to combat the retirement crisis.

Jeffrey Bettermann, RFC, a senior advisor at Thorngate Financial, spearheaded the initiative and insists the retirement crisis is deceiving. There are many factors that need to be considered when planning for retirement. However, it may just be the polarization of the financial industry itself that presents the greatest challenge to retirees.

Thorngate Financial's comprehensive retirement strategy customized for Federal employees offers a unique approach to retirement income planning. The strategy includes compartmentalizing assets while highlighting the potential use of products with tangible downside protection, then partnering them with defensive asset managers.

"By actively managing assets, one can reduce volatility and mitigate sequence of returns risk near and during retirement, which perhaps is the most important component of a plan for a new retiree," Bettermann edited.

Bettermann emphasizes that knowing answers to four basic retirement questions are critical. Thorngate Financial provides clients with comprehensive and dynamic solutions to address critical retirement questions. The firm's advisors work in a solutions-driven manner while engaged in a long-term relationship, and spend time listening to their clients' needs.

The firm has also developed pension maximization strategies to provide options. Thorngate consults on different scenarios that can arise and how making the right pension election is important to both the surviving spouse and heirs.

"Being retired or transitioning into retirement can be difficult for Federal Employees," said Bettermann. "We help bridge the gap between the last 10-15 years of working into retirement, and the first 20 years of retirement while providing strategies that can reduce overall portfolio volatility and still focus on long-term growth."

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Jeffrey Bettermann, RFC

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