Prime Energy Solar Launches Heat Pump Service to Eliminate Gas/Oil Heating Bills for Homeowners

March 13, 2023 5:53 PM EDT | Source: Imperium Group

Milford, Connecticut--(Newsfile Corp. - March 13, 2023) - Prime Energy Solar, a solar company that has been at the forefront of renewable energy for nearly a decade, has announced the launch of its latest Heating Pump service. This service will work in an effort to completely eliminate the massive natural gas and oil bills associated with owning and heating a home. The company has also been added to the list of the Best Solar Companies in CT by the CT Post.

Solar power is accredited as the fastest growing industry worldwide, and Prime Energy Solar has been working to keep up with the rise in individuals and companies who are switching to solar energy. In the United States alone, the solar industry recently surpassed the pharmaceutical sector with over twenty percent growth per year on average, over the past ten years, on a national level.

Prime Energy Solar recognizes the need that the planet has for renewable energy sources, as well as the cost effective power of solar. Shawn Roby, the Chief Executive Officer, is optimistic about the company's latest launch of their solar and heat pump installation service, aiming to create more net zero houses on the market.

After joining the United States Marine Corps, Roby learned about the corruption of energy demands worldwide and how governments would wreak havoc on nations in order to control their natural resources, especially their energy supply. This realization led to the construction of Prime Energy Solar, as the company is striving to fix the global dependence on finite energy sources.

"With less than three percent of our nation converted to solar and renewable energy sources," begins Roby, "we understand the significance and demand for solar and renewable services. We can not exist as a species without the utilization of solar and renewable energy solutions."

The solar powered heating pump is the newest of this company's efforts to pull away from the world's limited natural resources. They also provide HVAC and Roofing Services. Prime Energy Solar also aims to eliminate grid energy demands through the use of solar power. This company hopes to use this technology for years to come, and implores that it should be the number one interest for all homeowners and building owners nationwide.

Prime Energy Solar is a solar installation company in ct that offers products and services designed to save their clients as well as minimize the environmental impact that other energy sources have on the planet. The company currently has over sixteen thousand installations completed and has been in business now just over twenty years. They work directly with the industry's big-name practices and the most educated/experienced home energy efficiency standards available to the industry. For more information regarding Prime Energy, visit their website.

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