Axex Financial Offers Tailored Tax Strategy Support Adapted To the Latest Secure Act 2.0

Salt Lake City, Utah--(Newsfile Corp. - March 6, 2023) - Axex Financial, a top-rated boutique wealth management firm offering financial planning, tax strategy, and other services, is offering a unique way to help people navigate this year's complicated filing process with around-the-clock support adapted to the latest regulatory developments and other changes involving the Secure Act 2.0.

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Gabe Hamideh, Wealth Manager

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This in-depth approach is helping the firm, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, stand out in the financial advising industry by offering a value-added strategy that incorporates changing regulations, new instructions, unique strategies, and more.

Gabe Hamideh, a wealth manager with Axex Financial, says that the team constantly monitor changes in tax policy in line with responsibilities to deliver on the company's aim to potentially benefit clients.

"Tax planning and tax season can be complicated tasks. With the new Secure Act 2.0 that just passed, many people, and more importantly business owners, don't understand how that bill can positively or even negatively impact them. Many people are experts in their industry, but many don't understand how the ever-changing tax codes, laws, and regulations work," says Hamideh,

There are many elements of the tax filing process, large and small, that many people do not know about or understand, ranging from the fact this year's filing deadline has been extended from April 15 to 18 to more significant issues like changes in RMD increase, catch-up contribution adjustments, incentives for student loan debt, and much more.

Hamideh and the rest of the dedicated team at Axex Financial can also take on clients regardless of tax preparation or financial planning needs, deftly helping people navigate through many possible financial situations that can arise. It's a constantly refined set of services that responds to what's happening in the current economy.

"At tax time and beyond, we believe every client's situation is unique, with no 'one-size-fits-all' solutions," says Hamideh. "We take the time to get to know you, your family, your business, and your goals to create a comprehensive financial strategy that actively involves you."

Teaching not selling

Established in 2011, Axex Financial rapidly secured a dedicated and constantly growing client base by implementing a powerful philosophy: striving to teach, not sell.

As a full-time fiduciary for advisory clients, it is Hamideh's legal and ethical obligation to always act in the advisory client's best interests when making recommendations.

"I was surprised to find out that within the financial services industry, only about fifty-two percent of advisors are fiduciaries," says Hamideh. "Many financial advisors are fiduciaries, but some are not. Be careful and vet any potential advisor. If your advisor is not a fiduciary, they may be able to recommend investments that pay them a commission."

One recent survey found that 54 percent of Americans don't have a financial advisor. Of those who do, 95 percent say it's worth using one. Hamideh works diligently to ensure clients have the most robust financial strategies possible, focusing on what may benefit clients, not the firm.

"We pride ourselves on being an open architecture office, meaning we aren't beholden to any particular product group or solution," he says. "This gives our firm the customized opportunity to find the appropriate solution for our clients."

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Gabe Hamideh

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