Sound Bath App Launches Its Soothing Sleep Meditation Platform to Popularize Intentional Relaxation

Sound Bath App, launched by Californian entrepreneurs, adds to the relaxation app space. The app is focused on intentional relaxation, and includes live streams and hypnotherapy.

February 27, 2023 10:12 AM EST | Source: Prodigy PR

San Francisco, California--(Newsfile Corp. - February 27, 2023) - California-based sound healing collaboration Sound Meditation Presents has launched a new Sound Bath App aimed at empowering individuals with the universal sound of music for Sleep and meditation. The app offers more than 100 sessions of sound baths, including live streams and hypnotherapy sessions, to help users achieve a state of deep relaxation and meditation.

The app offers a wide range of sessions with various instruments, including crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, drones, and chimes, and provides stereo sound and customizable options. Users can easily find the perfect sound baths that suit their unique rhythms and lifestyle; this enables the listener to fall into a deep sleep easily. The sounds are designed specifically to cancel out the mind chatter.

The Sound Bath App aims to provide a space for individuals to let go of whatever is weighing them down and find peace and tranquility in the midst of their busy lives. Unlike traditional meditation, the Sound Bath App requires no effort but just deep listening. To enhance the experience, users are encouraged to cover their eyes during the sessions to have an inward journey with just the sound.

The Sound Bath Symphonies feature a full range of soothing instruments to bring relaxation to the mind. Popular sessions in this category include A Blanket of Peace and Silk and Treasure. The app also offers All-Night Sound Baths that are designed to help listeners fall and stay asleep, ensuring they wake up rejuvenated the next day. There is also a children's lullaby section to help little ones sleep peacefully.

"We believe that sound is a universal language that can heal and transform people's lives. The Sound Bath's range of sound bath sessions, high-quality sound experience, and variety of instruments make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to destress and find inner peace. With the option to stream the videos or download them for offline listening, plus the addition of a membership program and live-stream sound baths, The Sound Bath is a valuable tool for anyone looking to incorporate sound therapy into their daily routine", says Guy Douglas, Co-Founder of The Sound Meditation Presents.

The app is not just a tool for individuals to achieve relaxation and peace; it also provides a space for a community of like-minded individuals to connect and support one another. Unlike other meditation apps, The Sound Bath App has an active community where users can connect, share experiences, and support one another.

The live streams provided by the platform are scheduled for Wednesday at 9 PM PST and Sunday nights at 9 PM PST and 6 PM PDT for those on the East Coast. The community aspect of the live streams creates a level of commitment for people, giving them something to look forward to and a sense of accountability to tune in with others.

"All of us need tools to navigate anxiety and depression, and sound baths are the most powerful tool that I have discovered. In the current climate of the world, our Sound Bath App aims to bring people together and provide a space for healing and self-discovery", says Simona Asinovski, Co-Founder of The Sound Meditation Presents.

Sound Meditation Presents has been providing sound healing services for years, including live sound bath events, sound healing symphony performances, and training courses for individuals who want to become sound healers. The launch of their Sound Bath App is an extension of their mission to make sound healing accessible to everyone, anytime and anywhere. Sound Meditation Presents has organized and hosted some of the largest sound bath events in the world.

The hypnotherapy sessions are designed to help individuals overcome anxiety and other mental health issues. The children's lullabies are aimed at parents who have trouble getting their kids to sleep, while the live streams provide a community aspect where individuals can share their intentions for the journey.

About Sound Meditation Presents

The Sound Meditation Presents is a leading provider of sound healing services, offering live sound bath events, sound healing symphony performances, and training courses for individuals who want to become sound healers. The launch of their Sound Bath App aims to make sound healing accessible to everyone, anytime and anywhere.

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