DevTeam.Space Announces Launch of Software Products for Healthcare and Public Storage Industries

March 22, 2023 11:39 AM EDT | Source: Visible Hive

Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - March 22, 2023) - DevTeam.Space, a leading software development service provider, proudly announces the launch of two innovative products for the healthcare and public storage industries.

The first product is a Tolerance Induction Program mobile app. This app is a remote two-way communication tool between doctors and patients, specifically catering to parents and children with severe dietary restrictions. The Institute partnered with DevTeam.Space to launch this app to help thousands of families, shorten the feedback loop between doctors and patients, and minimize the need to travel to Institute facilities frequently.

The app provides patients with reminders about their daily food and medication intake, tracks their symptoms, and offers emergency advice in case of an allergic reaction. Parents of young children can in also use the app on their behalf. Every patient has an individual Tolerance Induction Plan, which is regularly updated by the assigned doctor and is reflected in the app. The app becomes more personalized as patients use it over time, providing a tailored medical and dietary plan. Patients can also view their upcoming appointments and payment schedules within the app. The product has already on boarded thousands of families and is set to serve even more, helping them live better life.

The second product DevTeam.Space is proud to announce is a B2B2C software solution for public storage companies. This custom software platform is a white-label solution, to be distributed to storage companies across the US, and includes a remote host control panel.

The software consists of two parts. First, it automates the entire storage service and rental experience. It enables storage company employees to remotely serve customers by being present through a set of large monitors. Thus, customers who walk into the public storage front door are treated by a real person, albeit located remotely. Customers can communicate with the store employee in real time. This solution allows one employee to manage up to seven public storage locations simultaneously.

The app also helps storage companies and their clients remotely rent/lease storage units, move in and out, and subscribe to regular payments. It works with NFC locks, allowing users to open storage doors with their phones instead of a key.

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