Newland EMEA Releases Their Ergonomic Wearable Scanner Products Designed for Seamless All-Day Wear

Culemborg, The Netherlands--(Newsfile Corp. - February 6, 2023) - Nwear by Newland is a new line of barcode scanners that save businesses time and money with their compact look. All products in the Nwear line are designed for comfortable all-day wear without disrupting performance. This line includes 3 distinct products for different business needs: A watch scanner, a wearable scanner, and badge scanner.

The WD1 is a watch scanner that provides an enjoyable hands-free experience. WD1 uses an Android-based mobile computer and is designed similarly to a smartwatch with a smooth wristband and touchscreen. The 2.8 inch screen allows for ease of access in fast-paced working conditions. More impressive features include 4G wifi connectivity, 3300 mAH battery, GPS, and water protection.

The WD2 is a wearable scanner connected via Bluetooth to another device like a PDA (personal device assistant) or computer. This added device helps the WD2 process the data caught from the scanner. WD2 is developed using a mobile computer and is made to be worn with the included hand strap. The secure strap that holds the device lets users scan with the press of a thumb. The WD2 conveniently works on the left or right hand and is also usable over gloves. The 1D and 2D scanner allows for standard and medium range usage; this allows users to access barcodes in hard to reach locations.

Lastly, the WD3 is the lightest product in the Nwear line. The WD3 badge scanner can be used alone to scan 1D and 2D objects like tickets and passes. This model includes Acuscan abilities, water protection, and has been tested to withstand drops of 1.2 meters.

All products in the Nwear line are protected with a 2-year warranty. They can also be used with different manufacturer's products seamlessly. Nwear by Newland solves urgent business needs involving auto ID scanning by saving time and money. With rising demands within e-commerce, the Nwear line is adding significant gains in many picking and warehouse applications.

In depth information about these products and the industries they help can be found on the Newland EMEA website.

About the company:

Newland EMEA offers state of the art scanning solutions in over 60 countries. With their people-focused approach, Newland EMEA treats users like family. They value quality and efficiency in all of their products. From finished ready-to-use products to all the way down to component level support with their wide OEM scanner options, their business is about solving problems. Many products distributed by Newland EMEA also include complimentary software called Ndevor that tracks location, device efficiency, and health.

Newland prides itself on their extensive product range filled with useful products such as Mobile Computers, Tablets, Micro Kiosks, Handheld Scanners, Stationary Scanners, Presentation Scanners, OEM Scan Engines, Nwear by Newland Wearables, and Speedata by Newland.

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