Neolithics Unveils Pathbreaking Technology to Predict Shelf Life of Fresh Produce and Minimize Food Waste

February 01, 2023 8:45 AM EST | Source: Pathos Communications

Tel Aviv, Israel--(Newsfile Corp. - February 1, 2023) - Israel-based startup Neolithics has unveiled technology that can be used to predict the shelf life of fresh produce such as avocados. The use of technology that allows for shelf life prediction can help farmers and distributors to maximize the utilization of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, reducing food waste. Leveraging hyperspectral imagery, food distributors can quickly and precisely assess the quality and shelf life of large quantities of produce. They will no longer need to resort to random sampling or cutting fruits open leading to food waste.

Every year, the world wastes more than 1.4 billion tons of food. The demand for blemish-free fruits and vegetables means that more than half of all fruits and vegetables that are produced in the US are wasted, most of which is left to rot in the fields contributing to greenhouse emissions and climate change. This is against the backdrop of the estimation that 50 million people in America will be experiencing food insecurity by 2025.

The applications of the new technology that Neolithics has developed include internal and external assessment of produce based on criteria such as color, size, firmness, dry matter, starch, and defects to sort and grade into different categories. The technology can be used for most fruits and vegetables on a standalone basis or be integrated into an industrial capacity in large facilities like food processing plants. Neolithics also offers clients the optional integration with sorting equipment, for the complete sorting of their inventory.

Neolithics has recently been in the news for its partnership with Granot agricultural cooperative, the largest avocado grower and packer in Israel. Granot will use the technology from Neolithics for comprehensive grading and the sorting of avocados. According to Neolithics, the use of the firm's classification methods means that Granot will be able to achieve softness classification with 97% accuracy, maturity prediction with 85% accuracy, and grey pulp detection immediately after harvest with 80% accuracy.

Commenting on the partnership and the launch of this breakthrough technology, Amir Adamov, the CEO of Neolithics said, "Our innovative technology will definitely be of great use to food importers, food processors, and large retailers at a time when there are growing concerns about food security and climate change. Assessing the shelf life accurately can play a key role in reducing food waste. For example, there is less scope for wastage of food if tomatoes that have a lower shelf life are sent to a ketchup factory and those with a higher shelf life are sent to a retailer. We are hoping that many more companies like Granot will partner with us to help reduce the problem of food wastage at the global level."

About Neolithics:

Neolithics is an AI-powered agritech company that uses advanced technology including hyperspectral imagery to optimize the shelf life of fresh produce and reduce food waste. The company specializes in advanced sensing solutions that make it possible for fresh produce distributors in the supply chain to quickly and accurately assess the quality of their produce so that it is handled and distributed in the right manner.

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