Focused Forensic Solutions Unveils Its New Online Training Course to Help Small Business Owners Fight Occupational Fraud

January 30, 2023 12:09 PM EST | Source: Pathos Communications

Maryville, Missouri--(Newsfile Corp. - January 30, 2023) - Missouri-based forensic accounting and fraud investigation firm, Focused Forensic Solutions, unveils its new online fraud detection and prevention training course. The course aims to assist small business owners in identifying potential fraud schemes against their companies and taking appropriate actions to prevent them beforehand. The training has been designed as short-duration video lessons that will be available online at an affordable price. According to the company, the course will be available for users shortly.

The modules in the training program will cover significant aspects of occupational fraud, including its definition, the methods to identify and detect potential fraudulent schemes in an organization, ways to prevent it by deploying effective fraud deterrence mechanisms, detailed awareness of some of the most common instances of fraud committed against small and medium businesses, and case studies to equip business owners to deal with such schemes effectively.

Focused Forensic Solutions seeks to impart a systematic approach to its training program by highlighting the relevance of the Fraud Triangle Model of Donald R. Cressey. The model identifies perceived pressure, perceived opportunity, and rationalization as the three factors that must be present for an individual to commit fraud. The training aims to equip business owners to be aware of these factors and take these opportunities away from their employees. To achieve this, some of the common instances like billing fraud, payroll fraud, expense reimbursement fraud, etc. will be discussed in the course of the training. This enables employers to deploy fraud deterrence mechanisms such as employee monitoring, regular audit of miscellaneous expenses, etc.

The training program will be facilitated by the president of the firm, Krista Shelton, a Certified Fraud Examiner, and former IRS special agent. She assists business owners in formulating a fraud detection and prevention policy for their organizations and implementing the same effectively. She will be offering a Q&A session after the lesson allowing the participants to ask specific questions regarding the unique circumstances in their company.

"According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, organizations, on average, lose 5% of their annual revenues to fraud. Asset misappropriation schemes are by far the most common form of fraud, accounting for 86% of all cases and a median loss of $100,000. Our aim is to equip business owners with the necessary tools and methodologies to detect and prevent these schemes. We will provide regular awareness content on our Instagram platform (@krista.shelton.ffs) to create awareness among the general public as well," says Krista Shelton, President and fraud examiner at Focused Forensic Solutions.

About Focused Forensic Solutions

Focused Forensic Solutions is a forensic accounting and fraud investigation firm, headquartered in Maryville, Missouri, United States. The company specializes in organizing and analyzing complex financial data and other relevant information and providing results in accurate, timely summaries and reports. The online training course is a new initiative by the company to help small businesses fight occupational fraud in their organizations. Experts at Focused Forensic Solutions have a combined experience of more than 60 years, working in financial investigations for the federal government. The president of the company and the facilitator of its new training program, Krista Shelton, served as a special agent with the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation for nearly 10 years, where she investigated potential violations of the Internal Revenue Code and related financial crimes, including money laundering and violations of the Bank Secrecy Act. One of Krista's most notable roles as an IRS special agent was her involvement in the well-known Kermit Washington charity fraud case.

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