HerPractice(TM) Announces Group Mentoring and Online Classes in Addition to Its Individual Consulting

January 27, 2023 12:27 PM EST | Source: Imperium Group

Leawood, Kansas--(Newsfile Corp. - January 27, 2023) - A Kansas-based consulting firm called HerPractice™ is pleased to add group mentoring and online classes to its individual consulting services. The company was created specifically for women interested in building and scaling their chiropractic practices. Dr. Christina Carter, who knows how difficult it can be for a female chiropractor to balance a thriving practice that supports her life and not the reverse, founded the company. HerPractice™'s effort to expand beyond one-on-one mentorship to group consulting and online classes is keeping within its mission to increase the number of successful women chiropractors in the US and worldwide.

The firm's founder, Dr. Christina, states, "We strive to help women chiropractors take the guesswork out of building a practice that brings them joy by sharing what works and what doesn't as a woman in our profession." The company wants to apply its tailored approach and strategies to guide those wanting to treat ideal patients and conditions while making a true impact in their communities.

HerPractice™ aims to support as many female chiropractors in achieving their professional objectives as possible. The company believes that a female chiropractic career without burnout and stress is not only possible but can become common through collaboration. Dr. Christina asserts that if she and other successful women chiropractors, "share our experience, our secrets, our mistakes, and all the vulnerable ups and downs in developing a chiropractic empire, we may rocket so many women past the glass ceiling and fast-forward them to their dream practices."

HerPractice™ is hopeful that by expanding the scope of its support network and ways of working with them, it will increase the number of high-achieving female chiropractors to aim higher and create a greater impact. "We give high-touch, full-of-strategy and action mentorship that aims to create dream practices," states Dr. Christina.

The women-owned and operated company is pleased to expand its group consulting and previously provided private consulting services. The female chiropractors looking to grow and scale their practices will participate in small pods and have access to unlimited messaging with the HerPractice™ team. The company is proud of its specialists for answering such questions and, as Dr. Christina puts it, "keep the conversation going." An online private class series has also been launched by HerPractice™ and made available to all practice levels of female chiropractors interested in expanding their practices.

Dr. Christina believes it is too simple to look at chiropractors who make seven figures and assume that they have always been doing big things. "We will know that isn't the case and strive to normalize that building a practice is hard and not a solo sport," says Dr. Christina. The organization maintains that chiropractors new in practice should be reminded that there is a beginning to everything, including chiropractic legacies.

HerPractice™ is a Kansas-based chiropractic consulting company that aims to help women chiropractors grow their practices while treating ideal patients and conditions. The company hopes that by sharing its knowledge, experience, and never before seen new patient chiropractic strategy, it can help women chiropractors create practices that support and elevate their lives. To learn more, contact Dr. Christina Carter and the HerPractice™ team at hello@drchristinacarter.com and visit www.DrChristinaCarter.com.

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