Denmark-based Autofuel Aps Introduces Its Fully Automated Robotic Refueling System to Replace Conventional Technology at Gas Stations

December 12, 2022 7:44 AM EST | Source: Pathos Communications

Grindsted, Denmark--(Newsfile Corp. - December 12, 2022) - Denmark-based Autofuel Aps introduces its fully automated robotic refueling system, aiming to provide a hassle-free refueling experience at gas stations. The company intends to apply its technological advantage to the current traditional refueling systems. Apart from refueling, Autofuel also offers integrations with the existing payment and billing systems at the desired level. The system can be completely automatic and start functioning when it recognizes the vehicle, or it can integrate with a mobile app from which the user can start the system.

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Autofuel Aps automated robotic refueling system

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"In society, the demand for automated services is increasing. Nowadays we can obtain almost anything by the push of a button. However, refueling at a gas station has not changed since the invention of the automobile. The future of mobility will be autonomous, and fewer cars driving more people is an important part of the green transition. To make that possible, robotic refueling is a much-needed infrastructure, " says Jonas Thor Olsen, partner and CEO of Autofuel.

The Autofuel system has been designed as an addition to the existing dispensers on the market. Therefore, the customer can always choose between automatic refueling and manual refueling at their convenience. This robotic system is mounted right next to the existing dispenser on the fuel island and can handle most of the available dispensers. Autofuel is not only meant for regular liquid fuels but can also handle alternative fuels such as electricity, hydrogen, CNG, and LNG by adjusting the robotic tool. The system functions as a link between vehicles and energy sources, irrespective of the type of fuel. Keeping autonomous cars in mind, Autofuel provides a fully automated fueling facility without requiring any human involvement.

Autofuel introduces a simple procedure for vehicles to be registered and make use of its automated system. Customers can sign up for the Autofuel system by registering car details such as the model, fuel type, payment details, and license plate. The license plate is used for recognizing the car and customer details upon arrival at the gas station. Most customers will receive a special gas tank cap, for the fuel inlet on their car, but some new cars already have this cap installed from the factory. This gas cap will also make manual refueling easier when visiting traditional gas stations. Upon arrival at the gas station, the license plate is recognized by the auto fuel system. From the cloud database, the robot receives the specific car details, along with the customer's payment details and preferred fuel type. The driver will receive parking instructions on a screen as the car approaches the system, similar to the instructions from the car wash. When the car is recognized and parked in the correct position, the refueling will start.

The customer will be able to follow the refueling process and will see a message on the screen when the robot has completed the refueling. The driver can drive away as soon as the green light is given. That will happen when the robotic arm closes the fuel door on the car.

About Autofuel

Autofuel is headquartered in Grindsted, South Denmark, and was founded in 2014. Autofuel is a fully automated refueling system that uses a robot to refuel vehicles. The automated system serves as a link between the vehicle and the energy source at the gas stations. The technology is also capable of handling autonomous cars and alternative fuels. It allows the customers to do automatic or manual refueling at the same dispenser. Autofuel supports the existing dispensers and vehicles without requiring any modifications.

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