Mythreal Expands Big Screen Gaming to Millions of Low Spec Devices

Tel Aviv, Israel--(Newsfile Corp. - December 6, 2022) -  Mythreal, an Israeli tech startup, has developed proprietary technology for bufferless streaming of mobile games on large screen TVs by leveraging the power of smartphone devices. The technology gives players a console-like gaming experience without the need to purchase an expensive console. Mythreal thus provides gamers with a platform that offers the best of both worlds through the convergence of gaming and a widescreen TV. The company, which was initially funded by an incubator program, has already applied for a patent and is in the process of taking the technology global by seeking out partnerships with developers of mobile games.

Mythreal's technology is platform agnostic and can be easily integrated with any game. This gives game developers the flexibility to create content for any kind of TV or streamer. All gamers need to do is continue the game as they would today. When they want to play their favorite game that has already partnered with Mythreal, they will be prompted to play the game either on their mobile device or on the TV. In the event that they opt to play the game on the TV, the mobile device will act as their controller, and they can enjoy the game on a bigger screen for a better experience. Currently, Mythreal has soft-launched its product and has partnered with 10 game developers to offer games like a racing game and a shooting game.

Gaming is an industry that boomed during the pandemic, with the sector expected to be worth USD 321 billion by 2026. At a time when social distancing was the norm, it proved to be a way for people to connect with each other online as well as entertain themselves. However, logistical issues related to the pandemic also meant that there was an immense shortage of chips, leading to a decrease in the production of gaming consoles. Consoles became highly expensive, putting them out of the reach of the consumer. 

The founders of Mythreal, avid gamers themselves, spotted this gap in the market. Recent studies show that almost 2.5 billion people play mobile games on an average for 20 minutes a day via their smartphones. This led them to develop the technology that is now patent pending. Mythreal's technology makes it easy for gamers to access any game that is currently available on their mobile in a wide screen format with close to zero latency. The capability to play such games is only limited by the processing power of their smartphones.

Commenting on what the company has achieved so far, Kobi Gur, the CEO of Mythreal, said, "This technology will definitely be of great interest to leading game developers as it will give them access to millions of customers across the world who might not have the purchasing power to buy a console. But it is very rare to find a household that does not have a smartphone. Integration of our technology is a very smooth and seamless process for game developers. Our technology will also be highly useful to content creators like streaming platforms, as they can add new games to the list of options they provide to their users. I don't think we have even scratched the surface."

About Mythreal

Mythreal is a tech startup that was founded in Tel Aviv in 2020. The firm specializes in proprietary technology to provide highly engaging and interactive gaming content through CTVs using buffer-less streaming by leveraging the computing power of a smartphone.

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