MMG Real Estate Advisors Unveils Proprietary Support Platform for Real Estate Advisors to Provide Clients with Institutional-Quality Brokerage Services

November 29, 2022 7:47 AM EST | Source: Pathos Communications

Kansas City, Missouri--(Newsfile Corp. - November 29, 2022) - MMG Real Estate Advisors has unveiled a proprietary support platform for real estate advisors to help their clients reach their investment goals. The platform provides real estate advisors with all the support services that they need in one place so that they are free to focus on the client and their real estate transactions.

MMG has a centralized support platform, a network of collaborative advisors and cross market capital team (CMCT), a cross-functional team that deals with all aspects of the transactional process. MMG brings these pillars together to achieve the clients' desired outcome in regards to pricing and terms. These include researching for capital sources and leads, data and financial analysis, cross-market capital, marketing of properties through high quality collaterals, project management and transaction management.

According to Alex Blagojevich and Michael Sullivan, co-founders of MMG, the platform and the cross-functional team are built from the operations side to cater to all the needs of the real estate advisors at the national level. This makes it possible for the firm to be a national brokerage with national advisors offering a range of properties across the country instead of being a national brokerage with local advisors. Clients thus benefit from working with a collaborative team on a highly competitive marketing process which can lead to multiple offers.

MMG Real Estate Advisory with its platform and CMCT team has access to multiple assets in different markets on a real time basis and is able to connect clients with the options that work best for them through an extensive network of relationships. The firm thus has coverage in every part of the country where the client would wish to invest.

Said Alex Blagojevich, co-founder of MMG, "The platform and CMCT handle all the verticals of the real estate transaction like marketing, research and transaction management so that the execution of the entire process is seamless. We have an extensive geographic footprint through our national team of brokers. We pool our collective knowledge, experience, and technological and financial expertise to provide our clients with the best deals. In the event that it doesn't make sense for the client to sell, we are willing to forego the sale so that in the long term, we deliver value to our client. With the online platform and our cross market capital team, we now have the infrastructure we need to help our clients diversify their investment portfolio with the right real estate assets."

About MMG Real Estate Advisors

MMG REA is a real estate sales brokerage company that focuses exclusively on the disposition of multifamily properties through a client centric, strategic and collaborative approach.

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