Growthly Group Launches MarSales(TM) - A B2B Sales Funnel as a Service

Sydney, Australia--(Newsfile Corp. - November 28, 2022) - Growthly Group is launching MarSales™, a comprehensive B2B solution designed to align both marketing and sales functions. The solution is earmarked for B2B companies that already have existing sales teams but find that their efforts are scattered and unfocused. MarSales™ helps these clients to optimize their sales process and diversify their sales efforts in order to close more clients, and shorten sales cycles.

This launch is very timely for the current B2B sales climate where many companies are dealing with conflicting incentives and objectives between their marketing department and their salespeople. Founder Oscar Chavez pointed to a Harvard Business Review article that epitomized the challenge that many companies face here: "When sales are disappointing, marketing blames the sales force for its poor execution. The sales team, in turn, claims that marketing sets prices too high and uses too much of the budget, which should instead go toward hiring more salespeople or paying the sales reps higher commissions."

The solution includes a combination of different revenue enablement components including RevOps support, sales coaching, process outsourcing, tools and technology, and skilled advisory which all come together into a coherent and fully-featured intervention. By providing a holistic approach across product management, branding, sales and marketing, and strategic growth through M&A - MarSales™ hopes to be a fully comprehensive solution that encompasses the entire B2B sales process.

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Oscar Chavez - Managing Partner, Founder of Growthly Group

Chavez is a partner to over 92,000 entrepreneurs. Growthly Group as an organization has executed multi-million dollar deals with 50% of the ASX Top 10 as well as companies from the AFR Top 100 and the CRN Fast 50. MarSales™ is the next step in their development.

About Growthly Group

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Growthly Group is a revenue enablement agency dedicated to helping its clients reform their sales and marketing functions to drive better results. They do this through a range of services that aim to optimize their B2B clients' tools, processes, and strategies for attracting and retaining customers.

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