LBank Weekly Listing Report, 28th November 2022

November 28, 2022 9:47 PM EST | Source: LBank

Internet City, Dubai--(Newsfile Corp. - November 28, 2022) - As a world class digital asset exchange, LBank continues to focus on providing its users quality projects to participate in. Here is a weekly report made by LBank Exchange presenting this week's exciting new listings and a summary of the ones listed last week, offering users more information to help better understand these unique opportunities.

New Listings on LBank Exchange

Scheduled this week starting on 28th November.

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Project: MTW
Listing date: 28th November
Key words: Initial listing, BSC
Official Website:

MT WORLD is committed to creating a decentralized multiverse driven by UGC, Connect & Create to Earn. We hope to change the tradition, bring about a new revolution, and build an ecology with real sustainable value. Users access MT WORLD and get an ID Pass to settle in, and then they can have their own Avatar digital person and become a digital citizen. Buy equipment for your Avatar, and determine your appearance, luck and other attributes in each field. Gain benefits through a series of interactive and active behaviors such as creating, experiencing various games or social content, inviting users, and participating in staking mining.

Project: NEOM
Listing date: 28th November
Key words: Initial listing, ERC20
Official Website:

To solve tomorrow's challenges, we must face them today, no matter how difficult it may seem. At NEOM, we are addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity by gathering the brightest-minded communities dedicated to reshaping what a sustainable future might look like 20-30 years from now and building it today. We are redefining the future now and NEOM is open for business. It's an attempt to do something you've never done before, and the time comes when the world needs new thinking and new solutions. Simply put, NEOM will be a destination and home for those who dream big and want to join in building new models for sustainable living, work and prosperity.

Project: TOLLS
Listing date: 1st December
Key words: Listed on digifinex, KLAY
Official Website:

TOLLS Token is Blockchain Fintech from a Perspective of Payment and Settlement. The current affiliated-store's payment settlement method has various problems. TOLLS TOKEN introduces blockchain technology to the settlement of affiliated-store's payments in order to solve these problems. We want to go a step further to address these problems and create a system that allows individuals without operators to easily make payments. Ultimately, we will create a system that distributes TOLLS with fees incurred by paying, and later allows to pay in kind with TOLLS. We have carefully planned for the next four years and will do our best to stabilize the system.

Summary of Last Week's Listings - 21st November to 27th November 2022

Name: ASC
Weekly gain: 151%
Official Website:
Trade here:

Name: QI
Weekly gain: 105%
Official Website:
Trade here:

Name: RXT
Weekly gain: 9%
Official Website:
Trade here:

Name: USDG
Official Website:
Trade here:

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Weekly Listing Summary

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