Cabanor International Appoints ESG Officer

November 26, 2022 8:33 AM EST | Source: Mkdigiworld

Hangzhou, China--(Newsfile Corp. - November 26, 2022) - Cabanor International, a privately owned and managed investment advisory based in Hangzhou, the capital of China's Zhejiang province, has appointed Lili Lan to the newly formed role of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) Officer. She will supervise and lead sustainability strategies across Cabanor International. Lan, who joined Cabanor International in 2018, will continue to report directly to Cabanor International CEO Bernard Dubois.

"Establishing this position is a logical step for us, and Lili Lan is the right person to drive it forward," said Cabanor International CFO Emily Durant. "She has headed our ESG strategy for some time now and is recognized for her clear understanding and championing of ESG in all of its dimensions. This promotion reflects the excellent work she has carried out championing ESG up to this point."

"I feel grateful and energized by the opportunity to accept these new responsibilities for Cabanor International," said Lan. "As a company, we aim to be an example of responsible ESG practices. I look forward to working with my talented colleagues, who are equally as passionate about ESG, and driving this important strategy forward."

Lan will identify ESG initiatives and harmonize them into Cabanor International's investment portfolios in her new position.

"Diversity, inclusion, and good environmental stewardship with robust standards of corporate governance have rightly become a central issue of business concern over the last few years," said Cabanor International CEO Dubois.

The new appointment was partly driven by a recent report Cabanor International carried out, which showed ESG assets under investment are set to top $50 trillion globally by 2025.

With its new recruitment, Cabanor International also facilitates those investors who still need to switch to sustainable investing because of the perceived adverse effects on future returns.

With the ongoing economic crisis, the company focuses on ESG investments that can positively impact while still making good returns by investing in ESG investments. For example, ESG investing rose during the pandemic and performed better than many other assets, which saw a decrease in value.

About the Service - ESG

Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing is investing in companies that include Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in their key risk management strategy. In simple terms, CSR assesses how the company is performing and what positive impacts the company makes. And today, over half of all investors are interested in and seek ESG and sustainable investment options.

With Cabanor International, ESG investing is not just a distinct asset class but more of a way to invest. The company provides strategies that can be implemented differently to suit different investors. As a result, the ESG services of Cabanor International are becoming significant criteria during the fundamental analysis stage that helps establish a company's core value. 

Furthermore, including ESG in the fundamental analysis stage also helps develop a clearer understanding of the company's impact on the environment, how it values its staff, and the practices it uses.

Cabanor International is a leader in this trend, increasingly incorporating sustainable and responsible investing into portfolio construction, and believes ESG is an essential factor to consider when selecting investments that align with client values.

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