Newman Jiang Expands Its Retail Client Business in Chongqing

November 07, 2022 6:52 AM EST | Source: Mkdigiworld

Chongqing, China--(Newsfile Corp. - November 7, 2022) - Newman Jiang has announced that it will expand its retail client operations in Chongqing. The global wealth management firm is expanding its offering to take on more retail clients, in addition to continuing to provide highly tailored services that address the needs of corporations and high-net-worth individuals and their families.

As a result, Newman Jiang now offers across-the-board corporate, institutional, and private retail client services for the first time.

The firm is using a focused marketing campaign to reach potential new clients and grow the number of private retail clients it currently has.

In its decade-long history, Newman Jiang has focused less on private retail clients and catered mainly to the needs of institutional investors and the very wealthy. As a result, multi-millionaires and funds, such as pensions, have enjoyed the rewards of outperformance in the markets and committed an ever-larger share of their assets to the firm.

CEO Martin Newman, who founded Newman Jiang in 2012, said: "Expanding our business further into the private retail market is another significant step in our ambitious growth strategy. Despite the general uncertainty in financial markets, retail investors have been clamoring for access to the same opportunities and the chance to benefit from the same above-average returns enjoyed by corporate and institutional investors over the past decade."

To house the expansion of services, Newman Jiang has also announced a 10-year lease extension and increased its footprint in the HNA Poly Plaza offices in Chongqing.

"This lease extension and expansion for Newman Jiang was a strategic choice for our business as we continue to grow in both the Asian and global markets," said Martin Newman. "Our new office space is undergoing modernization upgrades and renovations that will continue to make the location a top choice for our business and will help us add to and improve how we serve the needs of our clients for many years to come."

"This lease extension is a direct result of our current success and a strong demonstration of our commitment to Chongqing, and South East Asia, which is a perfect geographical location to serve clients in all parts of the world," Mr. Newman added. "Chongqing is increasingly becoming a destination of choice for financial services companies, so we wanted to ensure our offices represent our culture and belief in the city."

With a renewed focus on increasing private retail clients, Newman Jiang will be adding to its staff numbers under the experienced management of Richard Cross, Head of Private Clients.

"The hiring process will take place over an extended period," said Mr. Cross, "due to the low number of personal clients we individually look after, we already have the capacity to take on new retail clients without affecting the quality of service we provide to our existing clients. Over time, we will bring new team members on board, but we prefer to assimilate them slowly rather than adding a large number at once, which could upset our company culture and the excellent working environment we have developed over many years."

Newman Jiang prides itself on the diversity of its workforce, with staff originating from all continents, in addition to local Chinese employees. "This is an exciting time for Newman Jiang," added Mr. Cross, "and we look forward to assisting many more private retail clients."

Newman Jiang has operated out of Chongqing since the company was founded by Martin Newman and company president Ken Jiang in early 2012, believing that developing closer relationships with fewer clients should be the priority.

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