Nimrod Lehavi, the Founder of Simplex, Joins Locus Chain as an Advisor

Locus Chain is a distributed data-storing system where the participators can freely add data. Recently, the company has made new recruitment by hiring Nimrod Lehavi, a former CEO of Simplex, as an advisor.

Seoul, South Korea--(Newsfile Corp. - November 3, 2022) - Locus Chain is a public blockchain platform that facilitates its users with scalability while maintaining decentralization. In the latest expansion, the company is pleased to announce that Nimrod Lehavi, founder and former CEO of Simplex, has joined Locus Chain as an advisor.

Nimrod Lehavi discovered the bitcoin white paper in 2011 and was instantly fascinated. Nimrod Lehavi has spent 15 years at Lehavi Solutions Software, tackling technical, business, and product difficulties for various unique and challenging enterprises and industries. He intended to buy Bitcoin when it was around $10 but found the purchase process to be somewhat tricky, so he created Simplex to address the issue. Since he made Simplex in 2014, he has been on the board of the Israeli Bitcoin Association and has managed the company as a market leader.

Regarding the on/off ramps for fiat currency, Israel-based Simplex is a market leader in cryptocurrency. It makes it possible for the cryptocurrency and conventional financial sectors to interact. More than 350 businesses, wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, and applications use the Simplex platform, which is also a key participant in the Visa network and is used by Bitpay and Binance, the largest exchange in the space. Through the Simplex platform, partners can buy cryptocurrencies with Visa, Mastercard, debit cards, and direct bank transfers. The recent acquisition of Simplex by a publicly traded business cost an astounding $300 million.

Sang-Yoon Lee, CEO of Bloom Technology and developer of Locus Chain, expresses the new recruitment of his company,

"We are very happy and excited to have Nimrod Lehavi as an advisor to Locus Chain. As a crypto expert, he has maintained a high reputation since the beginning of the blockchain industry and clearly recognizes the limitations of existing blockchain solutions. I believe that Nimrod Lehavi will help Locus Chain grow into the most reliable layer 1 blockchain."

In response, Nimrod Lehavi stated,

"I think Locus Chain is a very special, and fundamental layer 1 blockchain among other various Layer 1 blockchain projects I have seen so far. It is a blockchain that is built by exceptional technical talent, enjoying complete decentralization and scalability at the same time. I am happy to participate as an advisor to Locus Chain, and I am looking forward to cooperation with Locus Chain."

About Locus Chain
Locus Chain is a public blockchain protocol that provides complete decentralization and scalability. It is used in various NFT games and next-generation creator metaverse projects worldwide, with Nimrod Lehavi onboard. The company expects significant progress in the tasks running on Locus Chain.

About Nimrod Lehavi
Nimrod Lehavi earned a computer science degree from Israel's Reichman University. He is a serial entrepreneur who created Lehavi Solutions and Simplex and was an advisor to other crypto and technology firms. His expertise and standing in the blockchain sector are anticipated to be crucial in helping Locus Chain build a variety of retail and financial ecosystems.

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