MUSHEE(TM) Medicinal Presenting at Wonderland: Miami (3-5 November 2022)

The world's largest Psychedelic Medicine Business Event

Miami, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - October 31, 2022) - Cristianna Hougland, Owner/CEO of MUSHEE™ Medicinal is speaking at Wonderland, the largest psychedelic medicine business event held to date, on the topic of "From Concept to Completion: Branding/Marketing" at 1pm EST November 3, 2022.

At Wonderland, Cristianna Hougland will be accompanied by Ashley Southard, Kimberly Adams, Sara Brittany Somerset, and Scott Lyons during this important discussion about branding/marketing! Leaders, scientists, researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, therapists, patients and government officials who are interested in psychedelic medicine will be attending Microdose Wonderland!

Commenting on the upcoming conference, Cristianna Hougland says, "Bringing together like-minded individuals is what creates camaraderie in our industry. We get inspired, and learn from others ideas that we can take back with us to our communities to inspire friends/family to think and do the same. Acting as one unit no matter where we are in the world. We are in a unique period of time where old and new ways are coexisting and fighting to be at the top. The beauty about plant medicine is that it teaches us how to love - love is our future. Evolving to learn how to squash generational traumas that are mental, physical, and emotional. Without pain there is no growth".

For more information on Wonderland and to buy tickets to attend, please visit the website.

About Cristianna Hougland

Cristianna is the Owner and CEO of Mushee Medicinal a functional mushroom company dedicated to giving consumers a better product that is transparent, clean, and potent. She has over 11+ in the health and wellness space, and a keen eye for creative directing and aesthetics; Cristianna is no stranger to building companies to multi-million dollar businesses. Plant medicine has been a big part of her journey in healing her mind, body, and spirit. She knows plants are the future and asks "how can we as humans co-exist with nature while utilizing their sacred and ancient knowledge of the universe?"

About MUSHEE™ Medicinal

MUSHEE™ Medicinal only utilizes U.S.- grown Mushrooms; users are healing the best versions of themselves and getting closer to that most authentic self each day. Mushee Medicinal represents the light parts of us, the features we want to accentuate, and the regions we want to heal. By utilizing functional mushrooms to ensure that anyone can use in an easy and tasty dose. They are lab tested, organic, gluten-free, kosher, vegan, and alcohol-free. One major differentiator is our non-GMO plant based glycerin formula used in every bottle and our whole fruiting body mushroom proprietary extraction method.

About Wonderland

After a successful year of over 20 industry-leading virtual conferences, including Psychedelic Capital and the Molecular Masterclass series, Wonderland: Miami will offer the industry a unique in-person convergence of business, science, music, and emerging technologies. Fostering creative and professional growth, Wonderland: Miami is the premier destination for the psychedelic medicine industry. The event is a thought-leadership platform and an opportunity to connect with influential leaders in science, policy, and business. It will also act as a launching pad for innovative content connected to the psychedelic medicine space, with musical showcases and documentary screenings, providing compelling entertainment and collaboration opportunities for attendees.

Wonderland is all about real-life events featuring high-quality programming in some of the world's most exciting locations and breath-taking venues. Wonderland: Miami will be for many the first time the industry has come together in person. We can't wait to welcome you to Miami to see what we have created.

About Microdose

Microdose is your guide to the business of psychedelics. We distribute and create the most compelling content, financial analysis, engaging events, and ground-breaking education to drive the psychedelics industry into the forefront of modern medicine. We are the largest media company in the space.

We have organized and hosted over 20 industry-leading virtual conferences. At this point, our Psychedelic Capital and the Molecular Masterclass conferences have hosted 400+ speakers and 60+ sponsors, welcoming 14K+ people from 140+ countries around the world.

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