Park-Kit Unveils Parking Garage Software That Can Communicate Directly with Drivers

October 19, 2022 9:19 AM EDT | Source: Pathos Communications

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - October 19, 2022) - The Canada-based parking guidance and lighting firm, Park-Kit, has released its new system designed to streamline the parking process for both drivers and garage operators. Through its WiFi-enabled, touchless parking system, drivers are able to keep track of where they left their car, as well as ensuring that they don't fall foul of overtime charges.

When drivers enter a garage that has integrated this new Park-Kit software, they will be guided to an empty position through a light indicator system. The color of the flashing lights signify whether it is a regular space, a handicap space or a space with an Electric Vehicle charging station. As a result of the increasing popularity of plug-in Electric Vehicles, with more than 2.4 million being sold since 2010, Park-Kit is recognising the importance of having its parking guidance system accommodate these models.

Through the Park-Kit app, the parking guidance system is able to communicate directly with drivers. This enables them to pay for the parking through QR codes on their phones, rather than in-person with credit cards and at kiosks. Drivers are also able to use these to pay for add-ons, such as washrooms, Electric Vehicle chargers and vending machines. Additionally, drivers are sent text messages by the system confirming where they have parked.

By introducing Park-Kit's new software into parking guidance systems, the company is striving to bolster the safety and security of garages and lots. At present in the US, parking lots and garages are the third most common locations of violent crimes, due to being poorly lit and isolated. Furthermore, more than one tenth of all property crimes happen in garages or parking lots.

The Park-Kit senior leadership team underlines that its unique technology is helping tackle these issues. For instance, up to six cameras can be attached to the light fixtures at the center of the driving aisle, which survey 3 parking spaces on each side. These cameras read the windshield Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) pass as it enters the garage and the information on this pass is matched with the information that the cameras provide as the car is parked. All the data is then securely stored in the cloud.

Park-Kit also has the capacity to utilize facial recognition, a facility that may prove particularly popular in high-crime areas. The comprehensive system is able to block different drivers different from those who entered with the same vehicle.

All of this technology is made possible by the fact that each Park-Kit lot is fitted with high-speed WiFi, with a signal reach that extends six levels underground. Given the fact that numerous students and workers relied upon parking garage WiFi during the pandemic, Park-Kit ensures that this feature is included.

"Our Park-Kit technology is second to none, and we are continually discovering novel applications of the system. From boosting security to reducing energy costs and facilitating decarbonization through our easy-to-locate Electric Vehicles charging ports, this new software is helping to modernize and drive the sector forward," underlines Anthony Holland, Founder of Park-Kit.

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