The Province of Lumbini Unveils Plans to Become a Global Tourism Hotspot After Overcoming Covid Challenges

Lumbini, Nepal--(Newsfile Corp. - October 5, 2022) - Lumbini, the third-largest province in Nepal, is underlining its plans to speed up its post-pandemic tourism revival and become a tourist hotspot. This follows the recent announcement by the Nepalese government that it is removing the requirements for pre-arrival testing to all fully vaccinated travelers.

During the pandemic, tourism to Lumbini decreased by 82% as wide-reaching travel restrictions were imposed. However, these restrictions have been lifted, and a recent visit to Lumbini by India's Prime Minister, Modi, earlier in the year led many experts to predict that a post-Covid tourism resurgence was in store for the region.

Lumbini aims to bolster its tourist presence by promoting natural, historical and religious sites. Its abundance of wildlife and natural landscapes include; the Lumbini Crane Sanctuary and a variety of national parks in surrounding areas of Nepal, which are being highlighted as part of this strategy.

As the birthplace of the Buddha and home to numerous monasteries, Lumbini has long been a popular site for not only casual, but also religious tourism. For this reason, the city is also placing a spotlight on its sites of historical significance. These sites include the region's monastic zone which comprises 32 monasteries that represent different nations from across the world as well as the world-famous Maya Devi Temple, where Queen Mayadevi is believed to have sacrificed herself when giving birth to the Buddha. The temple's Sacred Garden has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Alongside this, Lumbini is also drawing attention to its plethora of other tourist hotspots including the World Peace Pagoda and its Kudan Stupa Ruins which is now open to visitors.

Lumbini has already seen a rise in Indian tourism in the months that have followed Modi's May visit, with an increase of around four thousand in June. The Nepalese province is seeing the fruits of its 10-year Greater Lumbini tourism strategy, which aims to establish Lumbini as a world-class visitors' site for all nationalities. Having opened its Gautam Buddha International Airport this year, the region's tourism sector is reaffirming its objective of flourishing on the global stage after overcoming the challenges of the pandemic.

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