RevoLand Holds New Events Introducing E-Sports in GameFi Era

Summary: RevoLand emerges as a digital platform where it offers blockchain-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. Recently, it held multiple events to introduce E-Sports in the GameFi 2.0 Era.

October 07, 2022 1:44 PM EDT | Source: Mkdigiworld

Singapore City, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - October 7, 2022) - RevoLand, developed by UK-based company Chain X Game, is a blockchain-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. It has introduced the e-sports mode into the GameFi for the first time, opening the GameFi 2.0 era. In the recent progress, RevoLand, as a Gamifi 2.0 project with certain requirements for players' skills, yields an opportunity to get indulged in further e-sports events.

Currently, RevoLand is offering three free heroes at the very beginning as an introduction to the game and has an open-for-visitor mode, which allows new users to experience the game. There are two modes of gameplay: a bounty race, and an entertainment race. In addition, RevoLand has added randomness and props mechanisms. Now, it is the suitable time now to get involved in RevoLand because there will be many events for adventurers.

Furthermore, when players join RevoLand for the first time, they receive three level 1 hero for free. Free heroes cannot be sold on the marketplace. All other rare heroes can be unlocked from the RevoLand NFT Marketplace. People can play with free (ordinary) heroes to accumulate enough in-game rewards to play.

Compared to premium heroes, free heroes have fewer opportunities to earn tokens. Players cannot buy, sell, or trade free heroes either. Moreover, free heroes cannot participate in special events or be changed in the marketplace. With premium heroes, players can invest their game time to level up and trade them for token rewards.

Additionally, the game system has been upgraded, and the heroes in the game are more diverse, giving players more options and improving the game's entertainment. The platform also offers Trinity, connecting crypto users, gamers, and streamers to create a sustainable game ecosystem. The dual-token economic model enables users to enter the game for free, earn rewards, upgrade, and lower the game entry barrier.

The events were held from September 15th and ran till September 21st; all online adventurers were invited to participate in the bounty race and share 310,000. Adventurers who completed 50 bounty races, obtained a place, and participated. When the adventurer completed a certain number of races, they achieved the place in the corresponding prize pools. RevoLand's Bounty Matches have different game modes. For each hero they can participate in a different number of Bounty Matches depending on their rarity.

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About RevoLand

RevoLand is a blockchain-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, in which players can meet acquaintances to form team up, compete against others, and win games through individual skills to obtain tokens.

In terms of development, RevoLand has formed strategic partnerships with a range of quality companies and has cooperated with several the world' s major game guilds, providing the possibility to hold e-sports events. Meanwhile, RevoLand is also actively docking with popular e-sports platforms and may co-host e-sports events in the future in the form of cooperation.

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