Vividata Launches Multicultural Study Aimed at Improving Marketing Inclusivity in Canada

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - October 3, 2022) - Vividata, the Toronto-based consumer insights organization, has announced that it will be introducing a new study, which will gather data on Black, Chinese and South Asian Canadians. The purpose of this new database will be to help advertising agencies and marketers to understand these groups' media behavior and attitudes. This will in turn enable brands to ensure that they advertise more effectively and inclusively to meet the needs of Canada's increasingly diverse consumer base.

A report last year highlighted that 81% of Canadian firms were taking steps to be more diverse and inclusive. This is markedly higher than the global figure of 60%, which underlines corporate Canada's drive to be more aware of how they can integrate measures to help minority employees and consumers. Vividata's newly unveiled study is being produced with the intention of helping these firms to connect more effectively with diverse consumers. Their research into multicultural consumers has found that while White adults generally feel represented in ads, a majority of Black, Chinese and South Asian Canadians do not. New Canadians in particular are the most likely to feel underrepresented, and given the country's increasingly open position on immigration, there's a real opportunity for brands to connect with this ever-emerging consumer base through advertising.

The Black population now accounts for 3.5% of Canada's total population. From 1996 to 2016, the Black population has doubled in size, and it is projected that, by 2036, this minority group could represent between 5 and 5.6% of Canada's population. Furthermore, around 5.1% of the population identifies as Chinese, while South Asians are the largest visible minority in the country.

This new study will join Vividata's existing range of reports on a variety of consumer bases, including sports fans and cannabis consumers. The firm prides itself on providing a fully transparent, privacy-compliant methodology, which is an approach it applies to all its research projects. All surveys, including its newly announced multicultural study, will require the full consent of its participants.

The new study will expand out of Vividata's flagship database, the SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer. This provides a comprehensive, in-depth and context-based account of consumer habits across the country, and is published regularly throughout the year. This surveys more than 40,000 Canadians all year round, and already incorporates a representative sample of distinct ethnic groups and minorities.

Senior officials at the not-for-profit organization highlight that their new multicultural study will build on this and go a step further. It will do so by focusing specifically on three of the largest minority demographics within Canada: Black, Chinese and South Asian members of the population.

"As we've established ourselves as the authority when it comes to audience intelligence in Canada, we're mindful of our duty to ensure that our reports provide companies with the data they need in order to reach an increasingly diverse Canadian consumer base. Our aim is for this new multicultural study to help the advertising agencies and firms that are trying to reach these consumers, while at the same time hopefully benefiting consumers that are currently often being overlooked by advertising campaigns," concludes Pat Pellegrini, Ph.D., President and CEO of Vividata.

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