Cell Health Company MitoQ Sets Out to Boost Arterial and Heart Health

Auckland, New Zealand--(Newsfile Corp. - October 3, 2022) - Cell and mitochondrial health firm, MitoQ, has announced that it is seeking to further support research into heart health through its targeted cell health molecule, which is available in a range of supplements. This comes in light of a clinical trial demonstrating MitoQ's effectiveness at producing a variety of far-reaching and long-term benefits for the heart, and the recent announcement of the commencement of a larger scale follow-up trial.

Heart health is one of the largest health concerns of consumers globally. Through its pioneering, one-of-a-kind technology, MitoQ is hoping to provide a new way of supporting cardiovascular health, particularly as people age.

MitoQ is a world-first targeted antioxidant molecule, and is uniquely able to access the mitochondria in a way that other antioxidants and supplements are incapable of doing. As the mitochondria is the core energy-generator for all our cells' processes, MitoQ is therefore able to provide direct assistance to the mitochondria as it contends with harmful 'free radical' atoms and fights against cell stress.

The University of Colorado Boulder published results from a trial that tested MitoQ's ability to reduce levels of free radicals, as well as the molecule's effects on arteries. The study found that MitoQ slows down free radical production, as well as significantly bolstering arterial function in older adults.

As part of this, MitoQ was shown to improve the extent to which arteries can dilate by 42%, a level of dilation that is greater than that typically observed after three months of caloric-restriction-based weight loss. If someone has a greater capacity for arterial dilation, then this usually contributes towards enhanced vascular function, which improves cardiovascular health.

Senior officials from MitoQ underline how its technology goes significantly beyond the impact of regular, non-targeted antioxidants, such as those found in fruit, vegetables and dark chocolate. These are incapable of penetrating mitochondrial walls efficiently, and are therefore unable to directly aid its efforts to combat free radicals and produce energy. As a result, alongside the heart health benefits, MitoQ also enhances daily energy-levels, supports the immune system and reduces the speed of cell aging.

"When we first embarked on this journey, we underlined that we wanted MitoQ to provide an all-round support system for our cells; it is hugely encouraging that we now have a wealth of scientific studies and reports highlighting the supplement's ability to do exactly that. For instance, we are excited about the research that has confirmed the role of MitoQ in helping heart health. As well as offering this support, we are pleased to see evidence that MitoQ not only helps maintain good health for longer, but that it also helps us to enjoy our daily lives with more vitality, focus and vibrance," emphasizes Mahara Inglis, CEO at MitoQ.

Liz Hancock

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