HakDefNet International Launches Its Social Network Shaman App

Bramsche, Germany--(Newsfile Corp. - September 29, 2022) - HakDefNet International has launched its Social Network Shaman App which aims to safeguard the activities and personal details of active social media users online. It's a cross-platform mobile and web-based app available through its website as well as all the mobile app stores. It has a freemium subscription model consisting of a free, basic, and pro membership plan.

The App informs its subscribers about how 'tracking pixels' from social media platforms record the minute details of what their subscribers do on their individual devices. It also equips its users with tools for surfing social networks securely. Numerous research has shown these pixels can capture information about their demographics and user behavior from personal details like calls, messages, and other forms of web activity through their interactions with the keypads on their smart devices. The social media platforms then relay the data received back to various unknown advertisers, making their subscribers prone to attacks from adversaries, competitors, and other Nations.

The key segments on its dashboard are "learn", "track" and "community". The segment for learning contains resources on social media audiences, false advertising, hate groups, and other helpful details for securing their social media accounts, while the community section has various subject channels where users get data security updates and news on detected threats from active users of the App. It's a safe space where people can file complaints if they identify an inappropriate user following them.

In the Track section, users can manage anxiety stemming from social media usage; optimize specific social media platforms to sieve out the noise, and block suspicious users or followers on these platforms. The App blocks these users with scripts run on HakDefNet International's Proxy VPN. The new functionality also includes the ability to detect deep fakes (video and images).

Reflecting on the Social network shaman App, Michael Goedeker, CEO and Founder of HakDefNet International said, "Our App is an ecosystem that constantly evolves. The more users we have on it, the more types of activities, scripts, and functions we release. I wanted to start with training people to make them aware of how vulnerable they are to attacks, and how they can configure their social media handles in a secure manner."

About HakDefNet International

HakDefNet International is a cyber risk intelligence company founded in 2016 by Michael Goedeker. They provide cutting-edge solutions that guard against cyber-attacks, espionage, and cyberbullying. In addition to this, they are actively empowering the new generation of cyber risk and cyber threat intelligence experts through their world-class HDN Cyber Risk Intelligence Academy.

Media Contact
Business Name: HakDefNet International
Contact Person: Michael Goedeker
Email: mike@hakdefnet.org
Website: www.hakdefnet.org

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