The Creativity Guide Launches Strategies for Boosting Entrepreneurial Creativity

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - September 27, 2022) - The Creativity Guide, the US-based project consultation company, has announced that it plans to help entrepreneurs and business-people to utilize creativity as a means of enhancing productivity and innovation. In doing so, the firm hopes to help dissolve the dividing line between the world of businesspeople and the world of creatives, and to highlight the ways in which the two can learn and benefit from one another.

The world shifted towards remote and hybrid working during the pandemic, with an increasing number of global companies now being permanently remote. The Creativity Guide highlights how this has inevitably increased the need to be self-sufficient, which has in turn increased the necessity of creative thinking in order to solve work-related problems.

Creativity has always been a prized asset in business, with 60% of CEOs pointing to this as the most crucial leadership quality and the number one factor that determines future success. However, as a company grows and the emphasis lands more firmly on productivity and efficiency, fostering creativity can be edged out and treated as an extraneous pursuit. 35% of workers are only given a few times per year to be creative in their jobs.

The Creativity Guide is setting out to help business-people elevate creativity on their list of priorities. The firm guides clients who are preparing to carry out a particular project, or are already part way through this process, and are in need of direction and inspiration. Peter M. Krask, the founder of The Creativity Guide, is drawing on his experience in a variety of creative industries, as well as his role as a business-owner for more than twenty years, in order to help clients integrate more creativity into their business models.

As part of The Creativity Guide's newly unveiled strategies, clients are encouraged to relinquish the urge to try and control every aspect of their businesses, and to embrace the notion of venturing into the unknown and learning how to be comfortable there. Krask is coaching entrepreneurs to adopt this same mentality when tackling business-related challenges, which involves allowing the process to sometimes be unclear, and trusting that the right form will be discovered. The Creativity Guide aims to utilize these strategies as a means of potentially bringing entrepreneurs greater profits; companies that incorporate creativity have been shown to demonstrate a larger market share and instill more competitive leadership.

"For a business-owner, when you can't find a solution, it can often feel like one is failing. What the company aims to teach entrepreneurs through The Creativity Guide is the skill of navigating and staying with a process when it doesn't seem clear or answers aren't showing up immediately. This quality of simply observing and being mindful, especially when something seems to be going wrong, is crucial in order to ultimately find the best route forward. The company's consultancy and guidance never employs a one-size-fits-all approach, and the company enjoys helping clients to discover their own unique process. By cultivating a more open and creative approach, this gives entrepreneurs the freedom to explore a wider range of possible solutions, as opposed to being fixated on a single, restrictive blueprint for success," emphasizes Krask.

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