Core Asset Wealth Management Expands Its Firm by Launching New Services

Seoul, South Korea--(Newsfile Corp. - September 21, 2022) - Core Asset Wealth Management is a financial advisory. The company has recently expanded its services by launching new features to cater to trading assets.

Core Asset Wealth Management is a group of financial advisors formed in 2012 to serve institutional and private clients globally. In the recent development, the company has launched new features that cater to the trading assets proficiently.

The newly launched services by Core Asset Wealth Management include:


An equity trading asset is money financed in a company by purchasing shares of that company in the stock market. These shares are typically traded on a stock exchange.

The Core Asset Wealth Management enables people to increase the value of the principal amount traded. It comes in the form of capital gains and dividends. An equity fund offers traders a diversified financial option, typically for a minimum initial trading amount.

Blockchain Technology services

Core Asset Wealth Management provides decentralized ledgers to take the form of a blockchain. These blockchains act as peer-to-peer networks and allow anyone to transact directly with anyone else. Companies receive revenues that accrue to shareholders and also pay dividends.

Offshore Funds

An offshore mutual fund is an investment vehicle based in an offshore location outside the jurisdiction of the United States, often used as a tax haven. Core Asset Wealth Management offers this trading asset by making Offshore mutual funds domiciled internationally. They may provide investment exposure to international markets. They are known to offer some cost benefits such as lower taxes.

It is imperative to note that Offshore funds can have higher risks. With domicile in a foreign country, traders may not clearly understand a fund's terms and conditions, which could lead to unprotected loss of capital.

Funds Management & Asset Management

Core Asset Wealth Management provides the services of Funds management and then enables it to expand the amount it grows. It leads to the alternative name of investment management, which is also often used to describe this activity. It also offers Asset management, a process of developing, operating, maintaining, and cost-effectively selling assets.

Core Asset Wealth Management offers services to keep track of its assets. The assets owned by any business fall into two main categories: fixed and current assets. Fixed or non-current assets refer to assets acquired for long-term use, while existing assets can be converted into cash quickly.

Wealth Management

Wealth management offered by Core Wealth Asset Management is an investment advisory service for high-net-worth individuals.

Wealth management services are offered because individuals with a high net worth often have complicated financial situations. With that, many seek professional wealth management services to help manage their investments, taxes, business transactions, and more. The focused approach by Core Wealth Asset Management allows a level of customization and solves the problems.

Consequently, Core Wealth Asset Management assists and guides its clients to retire through industry-leading client service, personally tailored money management, and a standard fee structure.

About the Company

The primary objective is to secure the financial assets with return assets in partnership and with a focus on asset class diversification to spread their exposure. Their wealth management service strikes the perfect balance between a focus on stable returns and liquid cash flow for new assets. It helps to reduce the risk of exposure to market forces and creates and maintains profitable gains for their clients. Regarding investment and portfolio management solutions, the company has established a referral arrangement with a select few portfolio managers whereby the company introduces their clients to the benefits of having a fully discretionary managed account.

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