CoinAnalyst Rolls Out New Data/AI Engine for Insights

CoinAnalyst provides a detailed update on their Insight platform's backend architecture

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - September 15, 2022) - CoinAnalyst Corp. (CSE: COYX) (FSE: 1EO) ("CoinAnalyst" or the "Company"), a company that provides an artificial intelligence-based big data analytics platform which delivers detailed AI-powered analysis of market sentiment, fundamentals, and technical indicators to investors in the digital asset sector and other industries, is pleased to announce the release of the new AI-based big data analytics platform's backend.

Many months in the making, the development team has completed an extensive overhaul of the CoinAnalyst Insights backend architecture.

The entire system behavior has been reengineered from the ground up to provide a fully distributed architecture. The new messaging bus and database storage provide an effective way to now retain far more documents and scale horizontally, increasing storage capabilities from gigabytes to petabytes. Also noteworthy is the fact that the number of messages has been significantly reduced and the lightweight bus has lowered the load on the database, enabling an increase in the overall throughput of the system.

The new plug-in architecture allows developers to add extra steps to the document processing flow and mix different environments for the most suitable tool handling a task. Previously, the CoinAnalyst development team could only work with Java-based applications. Through the universal message bus, they can now include tasks in Python or C++ to gain better performance or features that are not available in the form of Java packages. This gives the team access to a wide range of AI solutions developed by the Python and C++ communities. This extensible architecture also makes it easier to implement support for new data types and incorporate them into the system with ease.

In addition, index-level deduplication ensures that there is only one version of a document associated with a URL in the index. This greatly improves storage utilization, as the data stored or transferred is greatly reduced.

CoinAnalyst's Rest API has been updated and improved to feed both institutions and exchanges with data. The platform can provide structured sentiment values from the text in news and comments. The social buzz values can be used for trading strategies and quant algos.

"Our developers have worked really hard on the backend architecture, and the terrific results reflect this hard work. This investment has more than paid off as we strive to offer the best solutions to our platform users," said Pascal Lauria, CEO and Co-Founder of CoinAnalyst.

About CoinAnalyst

CoinAnalyst provides an artificial intelligence-based big data analytics platform that enables investors in the digital asset sector and other industries detailed AI-powered analysis of market sentiment, fundamentals, and technical indicators.

The platform monitors and analyzes real-time data from the digital asset market. The software monitors news sources, tracks influencers, scans online social media, and provides sentiment analysis, forecast and trade signals on the top 300 digital assets (more are added regularly). Additionally, the software system provides news, price quotes, and allows for messaging.

The SaaS platform is accessed through a monthly subscription model, which ranges in price depending on whether the plan is basic, professional, or corporate. To learn more about CoinAnalyst:

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