Odqa Renewable Energy Technologies Emerges as Frontrunner in the Solar Thermal Industry with Proprietary Receiver Technology

September 14, 2022 11:40 AM EDT | Source: Pathos Communications

London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - September 14, 2022) - Odqa Renewable Energy has emerged as a frontrunner in the solar thermal field with its industry first thermal receiver technology. The company has developed a technology that essentially replaces the combustion process and creates heat from concentrated solar energy at the highest possible temperatures. This is done through a receiver for which the company has developed a working prototype.

Many industrial processes can be carried out only when a high level of process heat is generated through combustion of fossil fuels. The proprietary technology essentially uses sunlight to heat air, with air being used as the heat transfer fluid. The hot air produced as an outcome of the process is called a solar flame. It can be used to replace fossil fuels for the generation of the process heat needed for industrial processes. Gediz Karaca, CEO and Co-Founder, states, "Preliminary lab trials have proven that our solar thermal receiver concentrates energy from the sun to achieve process heat of 1200o C." When commercialized on a large scale, it offers the potential to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of many industries like mining and the cement industry.

Making a transition to renewable energy from fossil fuels will not only help to tackle climate change but will also serve to reduce energy bills in the future. There has been growing concern across the world about fuel bills in light of the current fossil fuel crisis. Solar energy is also increasingly being seen as a viable solution to tackle climate change as individuals, companies, and countries race against time to meet the goals set out in the Paris Agreement.

Commenting on the progress that Odqa Renewable Energy has made in the development process, Gediz Karaca said, "Our thermal receiver works by using radiation from the sun to replace combustion. My Co-Founder, Peter Ireland, is the head of the Oxford Thermofluids Institute, the largest engineering institute of the University of Oxford, of which we are a spinoff. Our team leveraged their expertise in jet propulsion engines to develop the working prototype of this solar thermal receiver. Our receiver has an efficiency of 85% as compared to even the most sophisticated photovoltaic cells which have a maximum efficiency of 30%. Hence, they can generate more energy at much cheaper rates. None of our competitors in the solar power industry have developed such an advanced technique that is already in the working prototype stage that has achieved the temperatures we have. It is our fond hope that with the real-life trials and commercialization of our invention, we will move one step closer to solving the climate crisis and reducing energy bills."

About Odqa Renewable Energy Technologies

Odqa Renewable Energy Technologies specializes in new technology that was developed to generate carbon-free hot air streams from sunlight as a replacement for fossil fuels. It is funded by Oxford Science Enterprises, the world's largest University-based investment fund and is in the process of receiving intellectual property protection for its working prototype of the solar thermal receiver.

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